What’s up guys! On this special BONUS episode of Phins Up Phans Down Noah and Mike are back to break down the other 31 teams of the NFL. While we’re not even qualified to talk about the Dolphins each week, we decided to branch out even further and spend some time breaking down the rest of the league!

Listen to this very special bonus episode to get our thoughts on not only every other team in the NFL, but our predictions moving forward! Playoffs, superbowl, MVP, and Coach of the Year, we cover it all!

Not only are we passionate about the Miami Dolphins, we’re fans of the NFL as a whole, and so we spend about 2 hours just talking and covering the rest of the league. If covering the rest of the league isn’t your cup of tea, worry not, our official week 11 episode will drop the next day, where we will spend an in depth time covering the one, the only Miami Dolphins.

But that’s not all! We will be covering the Dolphins season thus far, and their future with the one, the only… Travis Wingfield! We’re extremely excited to sit down with Travis to get some actual analysis on this podcast, but in the meantime, enjoy our NFL ramblings!

Phins Up!