What’s up guys! Noah and Mike are back with very special guest Travis Wingfield to recap your Miami Dolphins! Not only do we dive into this year where we currently stand tied in the 6th seed at 5-5, but we dive deep into the roster, thoughts on Adam Gase, quarterback discussions, and what we think the future holds!

We start the episode off very happy, because shortly before recording it was announced that Ryan Tannehill will be starting week 12, which means BROCKTOBER….VEMBER HAS ENDED! We introduce Travis, and just immediately dive in to a myriad of topics from quarterbacks to coaching.

After the break we come back and go position-by-position on our roster with Travis, who the stars of the team are, who we need to move on from, and where the weak spots on the team are in general. Once we finish going over the roster, we wrap up with not only our week 12 Colts game predictions, but some just distant general thoughts on the future of the Miami Dolphins.

A big thank you to Travis Wingfield for joining us on the show, you can check out all his fantastic content at www.lockedondolphins.com and follow him on twitter @WingfieldNFL

Vs The Colts:

Travis: 33-27 Colts

Noah: 33-27 Dolphins

Mike: 27-20 Dolphins

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