At the beginning of the season watching the Dolphins high five into the end zone, it felt different. After a huge play by Albert Wilson, he gathered all the guys together to take a group picture. The team morale was different than past seasons. Watching the Fins play up-tempo on both sides of the ball was something I haven’t seen in Miami since Dan Marino’s teams in the mid 90’s.  The Dolphins were 3-0 heading into New England and as expected they got the business. Since then, they haven’t gotten their swag back. Going into this bye week, I have some questions that need answers.

Is Adam Gase the right coach for the Miami Dolphins going forward? Yes, I know he will finish out the season. I mean going into the future. His first year he guided them to 10 wins. Last year, 6 wins. I don’t put much stock into last year’s team with Jay Cutler. He basically collected a check and yes, he was as advertised, he stunk. He was Adam Gase’s guy.  However, once Tannehill went down, there weren’t many options out there. So, he gets a pass on that one.

This year, 5 wins and 5 losses. If the Fins got a little luck and Tannehill was healthy this year, I believe they could have been a playoff team. The injury bug hit this team harder than any other team in NFL history it seems. My opinion, he needs to get another year. I think he deserves credit for keeping this group above water and he should be around for 2019. However, if he doesn’t draft a Quarterback in the first 2 rounds of April’s draft, then he should be fired immediately. In a way, he reminds me of Chip Kelly when he was the coach of the Eagles. He shipped out Shady McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin. He thought he could win with anyone. Gase got rid of Ajayi, Suh, Landry, and Pouncey. We shall see how it all turns out in the end.

Will Ryan Tannehill be on the Miami Dolphins roster next year? I have been watching the Dolphins since I can remember. I am old enough to remember watching Marino toss it around to Irvin Fryar. I was only 10 when he retired, but I remember watching greatness. The same aura as watching Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. So, forgive me for actually liking Tannehill. When I watched Jay Fiedler lead Miami in the early 2000’s, I knew he was terrible. The same feeling, I got watching AJ Feeley, Culpepper, Harrington, Green, Lemon, Beck, White, Henne, Ray Lucas, Thigpen, Griese, Rosenfels, Frerotte, Osweiler, and so on. So, having Tannehill out there being generally serviceable was okay by me. However, his last few seasons full of injuries and being 30 years old now, it’s time to move on. He shouldn’t be on the roster next year. I don’t care how much cash he is going to cost them against the cap. Cut him and move on.

Will the Dolphins find a Defensive End to replace Cam Wake? All these guys like Dion Jordan, Andre Branch, Charles Harris, Mario Williams, and Robert Quinn have been misses.  Either through the draft, trades or free agency. For one reason or another, they haven’t gotten anyone to play well opposite of Wake. It seemed like 5-7 years ago the only way to win was to get pressure on the Quarterback. The Giants beat the Patriots and that was the Blueprint to beat them. Pressure Brady and win. Not so fast, Brady just gets it out quicker than before.  The Eagles and Patriots last year in the Super Bowl played in a shootout. 41-33. Now, the way to win in the NFL is to score points in a hurry. Every week when we talk about Jason Sanders kicking accurate field goals and Punter Matt Haack pinning people inside the 20, is a joke. While we’re happy with special teams, which are important, other teams are scoring touchdowns. The way I see it, stop the run, make a team one dimensional. Score points, get creative, maybe showcase Kenyan Drake? Please? It’s not that hard.

I would do a few things this offseason: Get rid of Tannehill and sign a Quarterback on the cheap. Maybe a Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston may be available. Draft a Quarterback in round one. Get one. Let him sit for a year. Draft a Defensive tackle that can stop the run. Try and trade Reshad Jones and cut TJ McDonald, Robert Quinn, and don’t pick up Devante Parker’s option. Try and develop Mike Gesicki. I do believe he will be better in the second half of the season. He has to be better. Grab a Cornerback that can play opposite of Xavien Howard. Play Bobby McCain in the slot again and Minkah back at Centerfield. My opinion obviously doesn’t count for the Miami Dolphins. At least it is a direction to go in. At least it sounds like a plan.

As always, Fins up!