I’ll admit I had high hopes heading into the Texans game. I really felt the Dolphins were going to use this primetime game as something of a statement game and just go out beat the Texans in their own house and do it with some style! Instead, I get treated to probably one of the worst defensive performances I have ever seen in my life.

It’s no secret that the Dolphins defense is still rebuilding but man, oh man, they just flat out looked completely unprepared against Houston. That is a direct reflection of DC Matt Burke. You can’t use the excuse that it was a short week. You’ve known about this game for months. When it’s your time to play, you have to perform. It’s absolutely unacceptable! Even CB Xavien Howard who I wrote an article about earlier in the year, looked a step behind.

Some Dolphin fans on twitter have already begun begging for Vance Joseph to come back. I got news for you. The defense wasn’t any better than either. On top of the fact, that Joseph was new at his job when the Dolphins hired him.

Look, I know HC Adam Gase is taking his lumps with this fanbase. I have criticized him as well when it comes to his play calling. But he is not incompetent. He is, in fact, young and inexperienced. You hope given a little more time, he can be a bit more seasoned in his decision-making process on gameday.

That is the number one problem with this franchise. The inexperience. It is a problem that stems all the way back to Nick Saban. Tannenbaum, Grier, and Gase are all new at their jobs. Dolphins owner, Steve Ross, I think understands that everybody needs to be on the same page. No more inter-changing of the Guard, so to speak. That problem appears to have ceased with this franchise. But what Ross fails to understand is when you have that many people who have never done what you have hired them to do, there’s going to be some growing pains. They are going to make some mistakes. A lot of it is due to inexperience and since the inexperience goes beyond this regime, it should be no surprise to Miami Dolphin fans why the results appear to be similar year after year.

Trying to get back to the playoffs would be a lot of pressure for a regime where this wouldn’t be their first rodeo, metaphorically speaking, let alone a regime that is still growing and trying to clean up the previous regimes’ mistakes.

As a Dolphins fan, I understand the want to win and be a contender. Especially, with what we have gone through the last 20 years. I totally get it. But, if this regime, particularly Adam Gase is to be the future of this team, we need to give them a little more time and Ross needs to have a little more patience. Because, if Ross gets rid of this regime after this season, all that’s going to happen is the regime that comes in to replace this one is going to want their own players and get rid of the ones that this regime has gotten and the perpetual cycle of mediocrity continues and let’s face it, they are going to be just as inexperienced and this fanbase is going to have to endure their growing pains as well. Now, how is that solving anything?

What they can do and what I think they should do is let go of Burke. There’s no point waiting till’ the conclusion of the season. The team isn’t going anywhere. After that performance against the Texans, I can tell you, the team is in serious trouble. When you can’t play defense, you are not going to win any games AT ALL. Dolphins had their chance. They blew it. If they are smart, they will move on from this season instead of trying to salvage it. They are allowing their opponents to score 52% of the time in the redzone. The Dolphins are also allowing their opponents to convert on third down 46% of the time. With the exception of the Jets game early on in the season, the run defense has been terrible. Ironically, the next game for the Dolphins is playing the Jets again. What helped get the team to a 3-1 start, was that the defense was able to create turnovers and lately, they haven’t even been able to do that. Perhaps, Burke will turn out to be a solid coach somewhere, but this is not the right team for him to go through the growing pains. Having to go through the growing pains of Tannenbaum, Grier and Gase is more than enough. Plus, Gase can barely manage an offense. He can’t do the same for the defense. The Dolphins have got to get an experienced DC next year. Just someone who knows what they are doing and make Gase’s job easier on Sundays.

The first suggestion off the top of my head would be Jack Del Rio. Those 2 worked together in Denver. Del Rio use to be the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Maybe, he wouldn’t mind coming back to Florida. He could probably even take on a assistant head coach role as well with the team. The Dolphins just need someone with more experience than what they got at DC right now and someone who can help steer this team in the right direction. Del Rio has been a head coach twice and both times in AFC. He was part of the 2000 Superbowl Champions Ravens team and he was with Gase during the 2014 Denver Broncos Superbowl Contending team. Both franchises were considered to have elite defenses at the time. Also taking into the fact, that Gase and Del Rio have a working relationship, I think it is a match made in heaven.

The other thing the Dolphins need to do, and I say this with a heavy heart because no fan in good conscience wants to see their team intentionally suck but they need to blow up the roster. Trade Aikens, James, Jones, McCain, Parker, Stills, Wake, Harris. Yes, that’s right! I said DE Charles Harris. Every GM lays an egg and I have a feeling that Harris is Grier’s. The guy does absolutely nothing for this team. Grier should have just traded out of that pick.

Also, release QB Ryan Tannehill. You can’t afford to restructure his contract again and you can’t afford to pay him $26 million next season. Period. End of Discussion. You should probably start thinking about looking for a new Long Snapper as well because John Denney can’t play forever.

For Steve Ross, he needs to give this regime 5 offseasons. Give them till’ 2020. If things don’t go well by the 2020 regular season, then maybe you move on. These would be my suggestions from now heading into the offseason. If they can do that, maybe as fans we can get out of this slumber that we are in.