We the Dolphins faithful have once again found ourselves in what is like a second home for us in the far away land called In The Hunt Ville. It’s a place we have permanent residence in but only visit it for about a month every single year. There’s always room to upgrade to a better situation, but most of the time we’re content with just staying in In The Hunt Ville.

That all aside, Miami currently sits at 5-6. There are 5 games left in the season and for the Dolphins to make the playoffs they’re are probably going to need to win all of them to get in. I want that to happen. Like Xavien Howard, I want Miami to go out and win the rest of their games to go an compete for a championship. Do I think that is going to happen? Not at all, but I want that to happen.

I realize that might throw many supporters of the team off a bit because many want Miami to lose the rest of their games and get a better pick. I don’t really understand that on a couple of reasons. First, if you’re not going to get one of the top picks to get a QB, what’s the point of losing more now? Right now if Miami doesn’t win any more games, they will pick around 8-10. It’s very possible a QB will be there at that point. Not a guarantee as we saw last year, but possible. Second, if you want one of those top QBs, whoever that may be, you can always trade for it. Every year it seems a team trades a bunch of picks to move up to the top of the draft. Miami is actually allowed to do that if they want. Third, what makes you think Miami will get that pick right anyways? Using only recent history, I can say there is about a 50/50 chance Miami picks a player that really contributes. That being said, to me, picking at 10 or at 18 doesn’t really change that much at all.

Lastly, as much as me and many others rip on this team with valid reason, wouldn’t it be nice to win 5 games and get into the playoffs? The feeling would be so good to feel. Sure, Miami would probably get thumped by a million and that would be that and I’d bury them for a short while about it. But, I’d rather get there and lose than not get there at all.

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