I wrote an article earlier in the season after the Dolphins got dismantled by the Patriots in Week 4 titled Who’s your Daddy? We literally got beat in every aspect of that game. Our biggest game in years, they got beat 38-7.  Painful to remember, I know.

So here we are again. This week the Dolphins are hanging on to playoff hopes by a thread, Dad is back and ready to put us back in our place again. It’s too bad we couldn’t get Detroit or San Fran this week, we had to get New England. It only makes sense because for the last 20 years or, so the Patriots have been everything Miami hasn’t been.  A title contending team every year, with a Franchise Quarterback, Hall of Fame Coach, and Father Time. This Sundays game in Miami will be the toughest challenge this season.

The keys to victory:

1.Pressure Tom Brady

Seems simple, but seldom done with effectiveness. We must bring pressure up the “A” gap. Right up the middle. When teams try to bring heat from the outside, TB12 just picks apart the defense. He distinguishes the blitzes early and then hot reads a receiver. Him and Julian Edelman made a good living off of it. Making any Quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket is a recipe for success. Brady is the Goat.  However, he moves like a middle aged man. He will go down with any amount of pressure and give Miami a chance.

  1. Control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball

Again, seems simple, only good teams do it consistently. The Patriots will let you drive your Offense inside the 20- yard line. They give up little plays and let you slowly move the ball downfield. You must convert all of your 3rd and 5 plays. If not, they are off the field quickly. The Pats never seem to beat themselves. We have to control the game and keep Brady on the sideline, where he can’t light us up like a Christmas tree. Play ahead of the chains and get into manageable down and distances.

  1. Feed Kenyan Drake the damn ball

Last year when Miami beat New England in December, they showcased Drake. He had 192- yards in total Offense and touched the ball over 25 times. He was even split out -wide and caught a go pattern for 45- yards. That was with Cutler tossing him the ball. I like Frank Gore, all respect to him. Drake has 8 touchdowns this year, Gore has 1. Please, before I lose what’s left of my hair, give Kenyan the ball and don’t look back. He is a difference maker. If you aren’t going to use him, get rid of him and grab a draft pick.

  1. Let Ryan Tannehill throw the football

When every Offense is throwing the ball around like recess in a playground, we are still drawing up the same garbage plays and schemes. How about tossing the football around and let it rip. Tannehill has only 4 games left in his Dolphins career, so let it fly. I mean he has only been here for 7 seasons and we still don’t know what he can really do. At 6-6 with only a quarter left in the season, let the guy lead you into the Playoffs! Playoffs! You kidding me? I hope we can win a game.  Classic Jim Mora reference. What’s the worse that can happen? He finally proves he isn’t the right guy for the job? Ok. Good. Move on.

  1. Play like it’s a do or die game

If Miami is aggressive with its play calling and energy they have a chance. Last year, Miami was 10 -Point underdogs and home. This week, 8-point underdogs. A divisional game at home it should be a one score game. Press the button, play like our back is against the wall. Steal a game at home and hope for a playoff push. If not, Monday we will he sitting at work wondering what Quarterback we will take in the 2019 NFL Draft. Per usual, always remember, Who’s your Daddy?


Phins up!