The Miami Miracle has consumed us all and is slowly immersing itself in every part of our everyday life. There’re shirts out there, Burger King is probably about to have a Miami Miracle style whopper and now one the greatest games ever made has their own version. Simply a beautiful thing.

Can’t even begin to imagine how much brain power had to be used to make this, but since it was out at 10AM today, I’m guessing the people of Benstonium can do this with their eyes closed. I’m glad they could because this, this is art. They nailed every part of the play. From the catch, to Drake going down the sideline, to Drake hitting the middle of the field and noticing daylight, to that Frankenstein Gronk attempting to move and get him only to hit the deck at around the three-yard line. It all was stupendous. And being a major Tecmo player back in my day, this is something that I’ll appreciate for the rest of my life. Thank you Benstonium, thank you so much.

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