I’ve written a couple articles on Tannehill this season. In my last one, I mentioned he was a pretty good runner. Tannehill is the best rushing quarterback ever in Miami Dolphins history. In terms of Dolphin starting quarterbacks he is second behind only Jay Cutler who, let’s be honest, is more Chicago Bear than anything else. He is currently ranked 6th compared to all other 32 starting quarterbacks around the league at this point and 3rd behind quarterbacks from the 2012 class. Before Ryan Tannehill, no other Miami Dolphins quarterback had reached a 1,000 rushing yards in their career. Now, with the rules changing, I suspect it won’t be much of an afterthought at some point. But it should be noted that Tannehill was doing this before the changing of the rules.

Cam Newton is in the lead with 4,770 career rushing yards. He is from the 2011 draft class. Then you got Russell Wilson with 3,520 yards.

Wilson leads the 2012 class. But he also averages 90 rush attempts a season. Andrew Luck who comes in 4th overall but is also of the 2012 class has 1,524 career rushing yards. In actuality, Tannehill isn’t that far off from him as he has 1,165 career rushing yards. Luck averages roughly 60 rush attempts a season and Tannehill averages anywhere from 30-40 attempts a season.

When I see a broadcast telling me that Brady deserves to be in the hall of fame for his legs, I just laugh. Brady has been playing since 2001. At least, this is one thing Dolphin fans can brag about. Tannehill may not be my favorite quarterback in the world but if Brady deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for rushing yards than by golly so does Ryan Tannehill!