The Miami Dolphins have problems.

A starting Quarterback that is disenfranchised, a front office in disarray and a fan base that is disillusioned.

But with all the disses we can lob Miami’s way, the one thing they don’t have to worry about is their Head Coach problem, anymore. That’s because Owner Stephen Ross, finally did the right thing and rid this franchise of their biggest problem of all, Adam Gase.

Don’t get me wrong, Adam Gase is a savant when it comes to the offensive side of football. And if you don’t believe me, just ask him and he will confirm his genius for you. But Adam Gase’s strength was canceled out by a slew of weaknesses that ultimately cost him his job and forced Ross to hit the reset button on his video game system that is The Miami Dolphins.

And thus, the hundred different problems this franchise had, was cut down to a meager 99, as the title suggests. By removing Adam Gase from the equation, and relieving Mike Tannenbaum of his duties, Stephen Ross is proving to fans of the organization that he finally “gets it” and is willing, and able, to stick the hose up the team’s blow hole and give it the thorough cleaning that has needed, and deserved, since he bought the team from Wayne Huizenga.

Gone are the days of Stephen Ross hiring “football experts” to tell him what to do and who to hire. Gone are the days of a front office reporting structure that spun a web that would make Charlotte jealous. Gone are the days of conducting coaching searches while already having a coach on staff. In other words, Stephen Ross has grown into a good team owner, and this offseason is his chance to prove it.

He no longer needs the crutch of Mike Tannenbaum telling him what to do, or how to think. He no longer needs to cede power of his company to an ego maniac of a coach who believes he knows more about football than everyone else combined. The billionaire businessman has spent countless years and dollars trying to play the part of an NFL owner, while, slowly, learning to be one in the meantime.

Chris Grier, as new as he is to being “The Man”, has proven his worth as a scout and GM. He is a proven “football guy” that Stephen Ross had a hand in developing along the way. He will have the ultimate say in picking the next coach for The Miami Dolphins. And that coach will report directly, and only, to Chris Grier, who will report directly, and only, to Stephen Ross. The streamlined approach not only helps simplify matters for all involved, it has the added benefit of clearly defining each individual’s roles and responsibilities.

No excuses. No blame shifting.

Just results and consequences.

And with that, a bona fide new day is dawning in Miami for The Dolphins. Sure, their defensive line is aging and oft-injured and failed to generate any pass rush on opposing quarterbacks. And yes, their linebackers under-performed and were over-matched against opposing offenses. And of course, the defensive backfield, as talented as they are, are hoping to continue cashing in with big contracts for their leader, Xavien Howard, who won’t come back for cheap.

Also, let us not forget that Miami has zero in house prospects at the most important position in football, the quarterback, is dealing with a grumpy running back who almost demanded a trade, talented but injured wide receivers and an underwhelming offensive line that has been towards the bottom of the league in virtually every metric imaginable over the past 15 years.

Oh, and a dwindling fan base that cares less and less about Miami’s cornerstone franchise due to poor decisions and worse execution by the front office.

But Adam Gase is gone. And so is Mike Tannenbaum. Which means the coaching problem Miami has had for years is also gone.

One down, 99 to go.