Good Bye Gase.  The former Miami Dolphins Head Coach accepted the same position from the New York Jets. If the rivalry needed any more fuel to the fire, I can’t wait until they play each other next year. I did say that Adam Gase would be a good Head Coach, just not with the Dolphins.


The Offensive guru will be coaching the one and only, Sam Darnold. We will see how he does with him. It seems like Gase gets a lot of Peyton Manning’s credit for being great. News Flash! Peyton was already a Hall of Fame player before Adam Gase. They do, however, have money to spend with over $100 million in Cap space. They can spend a lot of money to mold that team. With several 1st round picks still on the roster, it should be a competitive team. Imagine if the Jets can land Leveon Bell?


Adam Gase couldn’t handle the personalities in Miami.  He had no connection with any players, except Ryan Tannehill. See ya Jay Ajayi, no more 200-yard rushing games. Juice Landry, no more first downs. Mr. Suh, no attitude on Defense. Best wishes to Mike Pouncey playing this weekend in the playoffs with Phillip Rivers.


Gase had tossed out so much talent on this roster. He gutted the team like an old house. Except instead of cleaning out the garbage, he tossed out the granite counter tops. So let Bell sign with Gase and the Jets. Have fun with that personality. Jamal Adams is a great player, another dynamic personality. That’s even if Gase talks with the Defense. It didn’t seem like he knew what was going on with Reshad Jones and Matt Burke this year, did it?


I have been saying it for months now in my posts.  The Dolphins must make a play for Jim Harbaugh. Go ahead have your Adam Gase. I’ll take Jim Harbaugh. I just read an article on the Miami Herald from Armando Salguero. He said the same thing, make a run at the Michigan Coach. That would be a huge splash, a momentum changing, franchise altering move. Maybe Kris Richard or Brian Flores will be good down the road. I know now what Harbaugh can do at the NFL level. I don’t care if he can’t beat Ohio State. He can win games in the NFL. Players will run through the wall for him. That’s the guy I want leading the team.


Only time will tell with Adam Gase. The Dolphins made the smart move in moving on from him. If you lose players in the locker room than it’s time for change. I won’t be upset next year when I see the Jets win a game. It will happen, they will beat Miami in a revenge game. That’s life. I’m hoping in a year or more this franchise will be on the right track. Winning games consistently, building this team back to where it used to be in the Shula days. Maybe Miami will take their lumps in the next few years. While we will be making progress and trending in the right direction, Gase’s team will be getting stuffed on 3rd and 1.


See you later Coach, better days ahead for Miami!


As always, Phins up!