Even though the Miami Dolphins 2018 season was overall a disappointment there were many very exciting plays this past season. I have done a Top 10 list of what I consider the Top Plays of 2018. We can all debate the order they are in I am sure but this is the way I would rank them.

10. Drake’s Long TD Run vs Lions: When Kenyan Drake did get the ball this year (which wasn’t often enough) he made the most of those opportunities.

9.  Alonso’s Interception of Darnold: Just as the first quarter was winding down in Miami, Alonso intercepts Darnold and takes it out of bounds and Brandon Shell puts a late hit on him that draws the flag.

8 .Amendola TD Pass to Drake: The outcome of the Game was terrible for the Dolphins but this TD pass by Danny Amendola was a great play.

7. TJ McDonald Interception of Trubisky: The Bears game was a wild one and the comeback the Dolphins made to win the game was in large part helped by the big interception by TJ McDonald in the end-zone against Mitchell Trubisky.

6. Jones’s Falling Down Interception on Gabbert: In the season opener both Reshad Jones interceptions were impressive but his second one on Gabbert was the most impressive of the two.

5. Albert Wilson Runs Through the Bears Defense: Wild game in which Albert Wilson ran through the Bears vaunted defense

4. Albert Wilson Runs Through the Bears Again: He did it twice in that game

3. Wilson/Grant High-Five TD: Tannehill with a flip pass to Albert Wilson in which Wilson takes it 75 yards for the score and finds time to High Five teammate Jakeem Grant on the way.

2. Wilson 54-yard trick TD pass: Albert Wilson was a man who could do many things and here he throws a perfect pass (Wilson was a Star High School QB) to Jakeem Grant for a Touchdown.

1. Drake’s Miami Miracle: Seriously, was there any doubt? A play that will go down in Dolphins History!