Once Upon a Time, the Miami Dolphins were once a promising franchise with the most prolific QB to ever play the game named Dan Marino. Fast forward to 2000 where the list of QBs are a tough pill to swallow for fans. Haurd, Fiedler, Lucas, Griese, Feeley, Rosenfels, Frerotte, Culpepper, Harrington, Lemon, Green, Beck, Pennington, Henne, Thigpen, and Moore. With the exception of Fiedler and Pennington, the rest of the QBs didn’t last long or just terrible. Forward to the 2012 NFL Draft where the Dolphins drafted a QB the National and Local Media display him as the most polarizing player in NFL and his name is Ryan Tannehill. His story on getting to the NFL is quite interesting with him playing QB in high school at Big Spring, Texas then converting to playing Wide Receiver at Texas A&M. He played wide receiver for his freshman and junior before getting to play a position he always wanted to play in his senior year: Quarterback. Soon enough, he had the chance to play QB at Texas A&M where he delivered.

Ryan Tannehill’s Texas A&M Stats. Photo Courtesy of sports-reference.com

In the 2012 draft he was drafted in the First Round as the eighth overall pick to the Miami Dolphins. Tannehill became the first QB drafted in the first round by the Dolphins since 1983 where they drafted Dan Marino as the 27thoverall pick. I had low expectations when the Dolphins drafted Ryan, but he has shown me time and time again that he can be the QB to manage the game successfully. Sure, Ryan has his flaws such as pocket awareness and RPO but overall, he can manage the game and gotten better throughout his entire career as the Dolphins QB so far


                            Ryan Tannehill’s Dolphins QB Stats. Photo Courtesy of NFL.Com

Fans think franchise QBs fall from a tree but it’s very difficult to find the guy to be a QB to revive this franchise and sometimes can be found in the later rounds of the draft. Look at Tom Brady, he was drafted in the sixth round by New England where he developed a successful career and is one of the best QBs to play the game. One of the main reason’s fans, national, and local media have been hard on Ryan is because they expect someone to play like Dan Marino and here is where reality kicks in: you will never find another Marino! Ryan has been the best QB we’ve had for a while and fans tend to forget we went through 16 QBs where most of them were terrible (with the exception of Fiedler and Pennington). Sure, Ryan is not a Mahomes, Brees, Brady, or Rodgers but he can manage the game similar to Alex Smith. There are two main points the Dolphins Front Office lacked in: rebuilding the offensive line and QB Competition. Our offensive line has been ranked one of the worst offensive line. In order to maintain success in the NFL you need to have a good quality offensive line and fans tend to forget that football is a team sport. Look at what the Eagles did last season (I live in the heart of Eagles County!!) where Nick Foles came in as the starting QB but everyone started doubting the team on their road to the Super Bowl. Soon enough they won their first Super Bowl with more than just QB Play. The Eagles had quality key playmakers, Top 10 defense, (the old saying goes, defense wins you championship football) and front office structure. Apart of me wishes Ryan did stay for 2019 but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did stay with a reduced salary plus, we do have talent, the problem is we haven’t been able to utilized it. I have a feeling the Dolphins will have a solid 2019 and who knows we may be a surprise team.