After a long end-season hiatus, Mike and Noah are back to break down all of went wrong, and went crashing and burning into a hellfire to finish out the season.

Between being on vacation, being sick, and the holidays Mike and Noah didn’t have time to break down the Vikings, Jaguars, or Bills games. So they begin to talk about how awful those games were, and how awful Gase was to close out the season. Did he give up? And what the hell was up with his excuses tour?

Then of course we dissect the firing of Adam Gase and promotion of Chris Grier. How we feel about it, how we feel about the inevitable move on from Tannehill, what our hopes are for the future state of the team, our worst expectations, and most importantly… Who we WANT to hire, and take charge of this team moving forward.

We apologize for our hiatus from the podcast, but strap in for a longer, and extra depressing “Phans Down” themed episode of the podcast!