The Super Bowl has come and gone, now it’s time to focus on the upcoming 2019 NFL Season. I have been listening to analysts, local beat reporters, and social media (being a Communications/PR Major sometimes it’s best to not believe everything you read and need to check the facts first!) where they think the biggest issue with the Dolphins right now is Quarterback. I really need for fans to think about this but is QB really the biggest issue with the Dolphins right now? This team has bigger issues to worry about that need to fix this entire football team. Here are the main areas that needs to be fixed:

Biggest Areas the Dolphins Need to Fix

  • Offensive Line – specifically Left and Right Guard, would not hurt to have another Center that would create more depth.
  • Defense – Defensive Tackle, another Linebacker, and CB opposite of Xavien Howard.

Another suggestion people forgot to mention but how about drafting a reliable backup QB in the later rounds of the draft which the Dolphins haven’t done during Ryan Tannehill’s tenure in Miami. If you did draft a QB but didn’t fix any of the problems that has been an Achilles Heel for this football team that’s a huge issue and football is a team sport. Look at what Bill Belichick has done with the Patriots in the last decade. You can crap on him all you want but he has made the Patriots where they are today by providing Brady with more weapons to make the team better, showcasing his players strength, and front office stability. As for rebuilding, there are a few teams that went through rebuild and turn it around quickly. Look at what the Chicago Bears did last season, before Nagy became the head coach, they had a few losing seasons along with mediocrity but soon enough they revived their defense and gave Tribisky more weapons he can work with plus get into the playoffs for the first time since 2010. As much as I would like for Ryan Tannehill to stay (for me its 50/50 depending on how he meets with Flores one-one-one but would like for him to stay and can make a smooth transition at QB as well as drafting a reliable back up QB) but a part of me wishes he did play for another team where he can be successful. To all the fans that hate Tannehill with a passion and want him to leave, you need to give him the upmost mutual respect as our QB for the Miami Dolphins. We have the talent to be a competitive team, but we need coaches to start utilizing our strengths and open communication at all times. I had the chance to see Brian Flores press conference and he seems very humble. I can tell he has been waiting for this opportunity and intrigued on what he’s going to do as our head coach so all we can do is wait. The Miami Dolphins are the biggest underdogs (300-1 Super Bowl Odds for 2020 in Miami) considering the Super Bowl is in Miami next season but we need to win a playoff game so I have a feeling 2019 will be a solid year for the Dolphins. As Brian Flores said in his press conference: doing the impossible.