Right now, we’re in the middle of the NFL off-season; and this is my favorite time of year. The combine, free agency speculation, swirling draft rumors, and individual story lines are changing every day. One pressing question for the Dolphins is what to do with the 13th overall? Now, before we talk about who might be available at 13, let me touch on free agency for a minute. Free agency will dictate which direction this team goes. I’m not going to dive into that subject right now. I’m simply going to address the positions that need major attention.

The early mock drafts projected Miami taking Oklahoma star, Kyler Murray. The problem is Murray will not be available at 13. Without a doubt, quarterback is by far the most pressing void that needs to be filled; especially since Tannehill’s time in Miami is almost certainly over.

On March 5th, Daniel Jeremiah released his updated mock and projects Murray as the #1 overall pick (shocker!). So where does this leave Miami? Should they attempt to trade up for Murray, stay at 13, or trade down?


Trade up

First, I think trading up is a terrible idea. Miami is in rebuild mode and we need to keep our picks. Trading up will require us to trade the house. Rumors have also been swirling about Oakland, and their three first round picks, potentially making a play for Murray as well. Bottom line, we cannot afford to trade that far up, especially if Oakland is involved. That’s not a bidding war we will win.


Stay at 13

It’s the most logical option. At 13 there’s no stress about who we could take because we can still get the best prospect at a number of positions. O-line and D-line need serious attention and I feel picking a QB here would be a little bit of a reach. Its highly likely that Jonah Williams will still be available. As a fan of the SEC, I’ve watched Williams dominate a lot of the top D-line talent for the last few years. At 6’-4” 302lbs, he’s legitimately the size of a refrigerator and can bench over 500 lbs. He’s smart, physical, and plays mean. Hopefully he can take a page from Quenton Nelson’s playbook and yell at the top of his lungs while he completely flattens someone. Jawaan Taylor would also be a terrific pick at this spot as well if he falls to us, but I don’t believe he will. As far as the D-line is concerned, Miami should have their choice of just about anyone. This draft class is full of extremely talented defensive lineman. Any one of the Clemson Trio of Christian Wilkins, Clelin Ferrell, and Dexter Lawrence would be outstanding choices; not to mention they would immediately fill one of many voids on a defense that ranked 29th in total defense giving up an average of 27.1 points per game.  It also looks like the front office is letting Cameron Wake walk. The bottom line is this; this defensive line should’ve been address in last years draft after we lost Suh. If this team wants to compete this year, the defensive line needs to be addressed in the first three rounds. Period.


Trade Down

Short and sweet for this option. We’re in a rebuilding mode so why not trade down a little, still get a top offensive or defensive lineman, and compile a few more mid rounds picks and potentially find a few gems to build around and provide some quality depth for positions in need?


Another season of mediocrity has resulted in another coaching and quarterback change. Fresh faces with the promises of permanent changes; it sounds like the same old song and dance that every Miami fan has heard before. With all things considered, the fans are standing by this team and I don’t believe we’re going anywhere anytime soon.   For this team to compete this year, we need to draft a quarterback that can develop into the leader this franchise needs and both lines must be addressed via free agency and draft. The off season is my favorite time of year and I genuinely look forward to the decisions this team will make over the next few weeks.