March 13th starts the 2019 NFL Season. So far, we have seen a few signees and trades that left us speechless (still can’t get over the Odell Beckham trade to Cleveland!) around in the NFL even in Dolphins Camp. We already know the Dolphins released Andre Branch and Ted Larsen but there are some players whose fate will be decided in the coming days/weeks. So far Devante Parker, where in past reports claimed that he was going to be released by the Dolphins before the new season starts, will be staying with the team. Earlier today, Parker signed a 2-year 13 million contract through 2020 and looking forward to seeing him back in the line in September.

Now, there are a few players who in the media’s minds speculate will be gone from the Dolphins such as Ryan Tannehill and Robert Quinn. Now its all speculation at this point and still don’t know what the front office will do in the coming days but all you can do is wait. I know it’s a little impatient and time-consuming (I’ll admit this too!) on waiting to see what the Dolphins will do next but I like they are keeping everything under wraps where even though fans and media can speculate what they think the Dolphins will do, they’re still going to be some news that we didn’t see coming or some players reworking their contracts. Everyone thought Parker would be gone before the new season starts but it wasn’t the case and when you look at his deal, it’s quite a bargain. Flores saw something in Parker most didn’t see, and this should be a fresh start for him where he can live up to his potential as the WR the Dolphins saw in him in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Now for the quarterback spot, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ryan did agree to rework his contract since Teddy Bridgwater is staying in New Orleans, Nick Foles is heading to Jacksonville, and Baltimore traded Joe Flacco to Denver,
The QB free agency market is a little tight since some of the well-known QBs mentioned have already signed to their respective teams and there have been speculation that Tyrod Taylor is in the Dolphins QB radar. Free Agency is still young and will be plenty of moves the Dolphins Front Office will make the next few days/weeks where all you can do is wait. I know the waiting part is impatient for us fans but I’m sure there will be some moves we might not agree with but must keep going forward supporting the Dolphins. We all became fans to support and cheer for this team through the good, bad, ugly, and mediocrity but in the end, the future is bright for this football team. Cheers to a brand new season, Dolphins Fans!!