For the Dolphins first big move in free agency, they go out and sign former Patriots TE Dwayne Allen to a two-year $7 million deal. Monday, DeVante Parker gets re-signed to a two-year $13 million. Like with Allen it’s not a “break the bank” kind of deal so you can’t get too worked up about it from a salary cap stand-point, but seriously? These were not the first moves I expected Miami to make this offseason when it came to re-building this roster.

We need an infusion of youth at the Defensive End position as right now we are very thin at that spot. We have got to rebuild the linebacker corps and add depth there in a very bad way. We need another boundary cornerback just in case Cordrea Tankersley can’t bounce back from his injury or recent signing Eric Rowe can’t stay healthy which has been his history. With JaWuan James gone we now need to replace three, possibly four starters on our offensive line. I mean, it just goes on and on. I know you can’t do everything in the first 48 or 72 hours of free agency or the “legal tampering period”, but I would have expected more than what we saw. And no, I am not saying Miami had to go after all of the big-named/big-ticket items either and break the bank. We have done that in the past and it has never worked out. There is a “happy medium” though. And maybe they could have made a play for some under the radar guys and lock them up early.

Oh sure, they can sell me this “tanking strategy” all they want; doesn’t mean I have to buy it. Doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Doesn’t mean the drafts are going to get any better. Doesn’t mean anything to me at the end of the day.
Where is the inspiration? Why should fans put up with the constant reminders that “we just aren’t good enough?” This regime is going to have its chance to prove itself but it’s hard to buy into it when they make these boneheaded decisions like bringing back a guy such as DeVante Parker after he has done nothing but fail in Miami for 4 seasons.

I don’t want a “meh” offseason. I don’t want a regime that is so inclined to fix the receiver and tight end positions before everything else. I want inspiration and hope. I want to see something that shows me that Flores is not just another rookie head coach.

I don’t much care for tanking but give this fan-base something, anything! Something to look forward to in 2019. I don’t know if that is drafting a quarterback this year or signing a quarterback but this franchise needs a jolt of energy right now and the early days of this free agency period isn’t giving fans much of a jolt or hope.