I certainly would hope not but unfortunately the only news in the world of the Miami Dolphins is that DE Robert Quinn is looking for a potential trade partner for the Dolphins so he can get a better deal elsewhere because apparently the Dolphins no longer want him. One of those potential teams is the Dallas Cowboys. Now, there have been some interesting things between these two franchises in the last couple of months. The Cowboys Defensive Backs and Passing Game Coordinator Kris Richard almost became the next Miami Dolphins Head Coach before the Dolphins settled on Brian Flores. The Cowboys have tagged DE Demarcus Lawrence in the hopes of getting a longer deal done with him down the road but there is no guarantee he will play next year. So, I can understand the Cowboys are pursuing Robert Quinn.

What kind of frightens me though is another team who could be negotiating for Quinn’s talents and that is the New Orleans Saints who have been trade partners with the Dolphins a lot in recent years.  They gave us Kenny Stills when we shipped LB Dannell Ellerbe and a 2015 third-round pick to them. We also gave them a 2018 fifth round pick back in 2017 for LB Stephone Anthony. I do not want to see Quinn go to the Saints. I have had enough reminders of how the Dolphins have failed to acquire Drew Brees to last me a lifetime. Losing Quinn to them for little to nothing would unravel me.

However, that’s enough talk about Quinn.  The Dolphins have been very quiet on everything else. I was hoping to see some more players end up on the trade block because we need some draft picks for this year. This draft class has got to be the most defensive-heavy I have seen ever, and I want to see the Dolphins go all out.

Grier did a fantastic job pulling off what seemed like an impossible trade of Ryan Tannehill. But, Reshad Jones is still on the books. He’s making $17,160,000 this year, $15,630,000 next year and $14,545,000 in 2021. Surely, he is worth an additional high-round pick.

Kenny Stills is also still on the books which is surprising. He’s probably not worth more than a fourth, but he is scheduled to make $9,750,000 this year and $8,750,000 next year.  I could see teams liking him but not enough to give up quality draft picks for him.

If the old regime was here, I would say it was almost a guarantee that Albert Wilson was coming back this season but having a chance to see what Grier and Flores are doing, I don’t know. Wilson, I think could be up for grabs too to teams that want him. Trouble is he is coming off a hip injury that sidelined him for the second half of the 2018 season. He is scheduled to make $8,333,333 this year and $10,833,334 next year. It’s hard for me seeing a team giving up quality draft picks for Wilson but we may be able to depend on who the team is and get a couple of late-round draft picks for him and that would be fine for me.

In the beginning of the offseason, there were rumors that the Cardinals were high on Kiko Alonso and I decided to have some fun with that and say well we did trade back in the 2016 draft to get him. Now, we can use him to trade up in the 2019 draft. But it is highly unlikely. Alonso’s cap numbers are as follows: $8,272,500 in 2019 and $8,162,500 in 2020. Even so, if we can use him to acquire some kind of pick in draft or in a possible trade bait situation that allows us to move up even in the 2019 draft to get Haskins, why not?

Bobby McCain is the Dolphins longest retained player. He’s scheduled to make $6,340,400 this year, $6,240,000 next year, $7,140,000 in 2021 and $7,740,400 in 2022. Another fine present from Mr. Mike Tannenbaum. Whoa! I just had an image of Tannenbaum dressed up as Santa, coming down my chimney and filling my Dolphins Christmas stocking with coal. Yikes! But, seriously, our secondary as a whole, McCain included, did very well last season. Unfortunately, new regime, new makeover and that is too much money for a slot cornerback. I think he is definitely worth a 4th round pick.

I’m going to go ahead and throw T.J. McDonald in here. $6,002,000 in 2019, $7,592,000 in 2020, and $6,962,000 in 2021. I’m not going to talk about his weird contract extension in 2017. You all know the deal. But, trading away guys like Jones and McDonald allows for younger players like Minkah Fitzpatrick and Maurice Smith more playing time. So, it may be time to just move on from both veteran players and start fresh.

As always, Fins up!