On March 26th, 2019, this past Tuesday, a story broke that a year ago the Dolphins during the beginning of the end of the Gase regime had tried to orchestrate a trade for Lions QB Matt Stafford. The details involved the fact that the Adam Gase was willing to part with their first-round pick of 2018 which was the pick that landed them Minkah Fitzpatrick and possibly more picks were to be traded away. Things didn’t get that far and according to Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia whom Gase had a friendship with. The trade didn’t get very far because Patricia was not willing to part with Stafford at the time. There’s a couple of things that I find interesting about this story.

One, this reflects poorly on Gase. Not because of his November rant of how he tried to put former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill on a pedestal that was just downright laughable as he shot back at Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald who had asked a question regarding the former QB; the same person responsible for the leak of this story, but because of the fact that it now seems more clear than ever that Gase really was in fact, in over his head and was just not ready for the job, he was given. I say that, because no team is going to make a trade with you in the same year that they are playing you. Yes, there are some exceptions. I do remember the Dolphins, in the beginning of the 2017 season, made a trade for LB Stephone Anthony with the New Orleans Saints, a team they were going to be playing in two weeks but not for such an important position as the Quarterback. Patricia was smart to turn down any offers that Gase made.

Secondly, it just goes back to my original theory that someone in the higher-ups was pushing to keep Tannehill in Miami forever! Whether that was Owner Steve Ross or someone else behind the scenes, we will never know. The NFL is a business and we all love Ryan Tannehill the man, and who doesn’t like to see the good guys win, but you can’t make an emotional decision like this. The Dolphins have failed to chase a Superbowl for almost four decades because they haven’t handled this position correctly at all. Stafford to Miami? Oh, what could have been!