Ever year there is an athlete in the NFL Draft that raises the bar.

Last year it was Saquon Barkley tearing up the measurables before being selected second overall.

Barkley ran the short-shuttle drill in a blazing 4.24 seconds.

Now move forward a year later.

Add fifty pounds.

Then run it in 4.19 (some reports 4.22)

Only then can you call yourself the athletic marvel of the draft.

Everyone else calls you Ed Oliver.

Wait, he’s as fast as those guys?

Besides the incredible lateral quickness and agility he possesses, Oliver can move his 6-foot-2, 287 pound frame in a straight line too.

At the University of Houston’s Pro Day this week, Oliver ran a 4.73 40-yard dash. Liken that to future Hall of Fame wide receiver Anquan Bolden (4.72).

With the departures of Cam Wake and Robert Quinn on the defensive line, other than quarterback this may be the emptiest position room in Davie.

Dolphins’ fans are counting the days until the next franchise quarterback puts on the aqua.

But is he in this year’s draft?

Should the Dolphins Target a Quarterback in 2019 or 2020?

Maybe it’s Kyler Murray.

Do you want to give up A LOT to get him when the cupboards are bare throughout?

The projected first round of the 2019 NFL Draft is chock full of front-seven defensive game changers.

With his generational athleticism and solid work ethic, Oliver is a possibility all over the line.

His likely home will be as a 3-technique DT with an emphasis on wrecking the backfield.

Something Miami desperately needs.

Oliver is not an elite pass rush finisher in terms of sack numbers (13.5 career) but that statistic is misleading.

He owns a blazing first step that can put the opposing offensive lineman on his heels in an instant.

Speed kills at all levels.

So does haste.

Unless Dwayne Haskins falls to them, Miami can not act hastily and mortgage the farm on one of this year’s quarterbacks.

Use the strength of the draft to build your defense.

You know, the one that ranked 29th in yards allowed per game.

Same place they ranked in sacks.

We all know that quarterback is the most important position in all of sports.

But don’t forget about the position group that needs to stop him.