At the end of the day football is a business and with that said, Ryan, thank you for your time as the quarterback throughout your seven seasons with the Miami Dolphins. You may not have been the greatest quarterback to help revive this franchise but have shown you can be a solid QB in the NFL. I have been a Dolphins fan going back to 2002 and being a part of the younger generation, I appreciate your time in Miami. I remember the 2012 NFL Draft where you were drafted in the first round as the 8th overall pick for us (Throughout this franchise, The Dolphins only drafted three QBs in the first round) and had low expectations on this. In 2012 Week 4, you went against the Arizona Cardinals (who by that time were one of the best teams in the NFL) and delivered an unbelievable performance despite the 2 INTs where I knew that one day you would be a solid quarterback in the NFL and one of the reasons I became a Texas A&M Football Fan!

Despite all the hate and ignorance you had thrown at you by fans, local, and national media, I still managed to support you through the tough times because that’s what a true fan does. I didn’t like how fans in addition to media (local and national) blame you for everything considering what the franchise was in at the time with incompetent coaching (Under Gase, you did perform well but he should’ve taken four steps backwards and at least he tried fixing the offensive line), toxic front office who didn’t address the offensive line or provided depth via the draft where in 2013 you were the most sacked QB, drafted a reliable backup QB to provide some competition  or fans expecting someone to be the next Marino and you didn’t deliver to their standards but no one can discredit your heart and determination you gave to this franchise. You never threw anyone under the bus, took 100 percent of the blame, and kept it professional. I do applaud you for keeping your composure despite all the ridicule and stood tall with your head high focusing on the next opponent.

Now moving forward, I wish you nothing but the best of luck in Tennessee backing up Marcus Mariota and reunite with Cameron Wake. I know you will be a successful quarterback no matter what the haters say. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your tenure with the Miami Dolphins (along with your wife Lauren, Steel and Stella) and kick butt in Tennessee!

Fast Facts
Tannehill started 88 career games for the Dolphins over the past seven seasons (2012-18). He completed 1,829-of-2,911 passes (62.8 pct.) for 20,434 yards and 123 touchdowns. Tannehill is the team’s all-time leading rusher by a quarterback with 1,210 rushing yards. His 62.8 completion percentage and 87.0 passer rating are both second all-time in Dolphins history.