Cam Wake Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins enter the 2019 season with a lot of transition taking place. A new General Manager and head coach have brought in a fresh, focused organizational blueprint. Now Chris Grier and Brian Flores, along with the rest of the Miami Dolphins brain-trust must put the pieces together.


But we need a quarterback!

The talk of the offseason for the Dolphins has been the uncertainty at the quarterback position. With the trade of Ryan Tannehill to Tennessee, that question is piercing the walls in Davie.

However, we must look at the reverse side of the QB coin. No matter who is under center for the 2019 Miami Dolphins, they are going to be a below average to awful team at best. Kyler Murray isn’t going to be there folks, unless you mortgage the future and trade way up. Unless Dwyane Haskins or Drew Lock fall magically to pick 13, Miami needs to get right on the defensive line.

The Dolphins can leverage a lousy 2019 campaign into top draft position for the 2020 NFL Draft, one loaded with transcendent quarterback prospects. They can also take a shot at a second-tier quarterback such as Tyree Jackson or Jared Stidham in the back half of the draft. If they pan out, then you’ve already solved the problem. Even if they are decent you can keep them for depth, something the quarterback room in Miami has none of.


Defense Needs Help, 2019 Draft has Answers

The same philosophy is true for this year’s draft on the defensive side of the ball.  In the pass happy NFL, you need a defense to pose a threat to the opposing quarterback on a consistent basis. With the offseason cuts and the departure of Cam Wake for the Dolphins, what pieces will be left for new defensive coordinator Patrick Graham? A prudent move would be to address this position in the upcoming NFL draft, one especially loaded with front seven game changers.

It might not be the sexy direction in the short term but rebuilding this defense from the trenches out is a necessity for sustained success beyond 2019.