So, Miami has signed Ryan Fitzpatrick and it looks like he will lead this team through the 2019 season. To be completely honest, I have my reservations about this signing. Everyone watched him at the beginning of last season when he was playing lights out for Tampa. Once Winston came back from suspension it turned into a QB controversy and here we are. When Fitz is hot, he’s hot and when he’s cold, well, it turns into a very long afternoon for the offense.

Even with the signing of Fitzpatrick (and what I believe is his personal quest to play for all 32 NFL teams) it doesn’t solve Miami’s quarterback issue. I still believe we should take someone in this draft, but the question is who? My answer: Will Grier

I’m a Florida Gators fan and watched Grier during his time there. Ultimately, he got railroaded but the NCAA, suspended, and eventually transferred to West Virginia. In his 3 years as a starter between UF and WVU, Grier posted 65.7 % completion percentage, 8556 yards, 81 TD, 23 Int, and a 165.2 QBR. He doesn’t have the biggest arm, but his numbers are far better than Daniel Jones who has a first-round grade by most scouts (someone please explain this to me). If you look at his numbers, they’re better in some categories, and some categories are on par with Drew Lock, Dwayne Haskins, and even Kyler Murray. So why is Grier flying under the radar in regard to draft talks? Grier is not the fastest, the flashiest, or have a cannon of an arm; but the dude can play. I believe he makes good decisions with the ball and if he can sit for a year or two and study under someone it’ll only improve his game.

So where do I think he fits in this draft as it relates to Miami’s needs? I would say a 2nd is definitely a stretch but it also depends. It depends on how much the scouts like him and if there is a run on QBs then maybe they’ll reach. I feel comfortable saying Miami should invest a 3rd in him if he’s still available. With the proper coaching and the desire to be great, Grier could be the franchise quarterback we need. Remember what the scouts said about Brady in their pre-draft analysis? “Poor build, skinny, lacks strength and stature, can’t drive the ball down field, doesn’t throw tight spirals, system type player” …. I think you get my point. Grier has potential and if he’s given an opportunity in Miami, I believe he has a great shot of proving everyone wrong.