I apologize for not having my draft analysis done already. I was hoping to get it completed by now but I am still working on it. So without further ado, here is another mock draft. This time, it’s a potential trade back scenario as well as the Dolphins trading away one of their assets for more picks. The Dolphins have done a good job accumulating picks for the 2020 draft but I would like to see them make more of an effort acquiring picks for the 2019 draft. What I have below is a potential Dolphins draft of ten selections but I would be fine if they had more. This is a new rebuild after all.

Trading back isn’t as easy as fans think it is. You got to have a player, fall in your lap when it is your time to pick that another team desires and it’s usually a team with a lot of draft capital that is willing to sacrifice some of it,  so that they can make a move upwards. Furthermore, it’s a circumstance where division rivals have similar needs and don’t want to see a player go to a division rival. So, I did a little bit of research and I came up with the fact that the Dolphins actually could trade back twice in the first round and send Reshad Jones packing for one of the Baltimore Ravens fourth-round picks. Granted, Tom Ernisse pointed out to me that the Ravens already signed Earl Thomas and I do like Tony Jefferson but I think Reshad Jones is an upgrade over him and as fans of late have pointed out that it is possible the Dolphins could eat a lot of that contract in order to move him.

So, here is what I could see happen if the Giants, who have two first-round selections, don’t take a quarterback at 6th overall but are high on Lock and Jones who do fall at 13, could in fact, skip over the Redskins(who hold the 15th overall pick) who also have a need for QB in order to get their guy. The Dolphins would acquire the 17th overall pick and the Giants 3rd round pick.

But, wait! There’s more! The Texans who don’t have a lot of draft capital but are extremely high on Josh Jacobs will trade their 22nd overall pick and a seventh round pick plus a 2020 draft pick in order to surpass the Titans at 19th. So, the Dolphins would essentially drop nine spots in the first round.

22nd overall (traded back with the Texans): DE Brian Burns, FSU

So, we miss out of Clelin Ferrell but with our need at the position, we opt for Brian Burns. Burns was my favorite player at the combine and unlike some who didn’t take it seriously, Burns was slapping his hands when he couldn’t improve his 40-yard dash time. He was really going at it at the combine. A real competitor. He’s gotta put on more weight. That’s why some draft experts list him as a linebacker and not an edge rusher but he has the ability to be a pass-rushing specilist for us right away after we lost our best one this offseason.

48th overall pick: DT Dre’Mont Jones, Ohio State

The Dolphins are not done bolstering their d-line as they opt to go with the more versatile Jones over Jerry Tillery and I think that is for the best. We don’t know where Burns is going to fit right away and we still need help at DT so having a guy like Jones for insurance seems like a good idea.

78th overall: C Michael Jordan, Ohio State

In last week’s mock draft, lot of fans were complaining I didn’t take an offensive lineman earlier, so wanted to let you know, I heard you. Center is the most important position on the line after left tackle. Jordan can play guard as well but I think he will be an NFL starter at the center position.

95th overall: LB Dakota Allen, Texas Tech (acquired from the Giants)

Allen returned for his senior year and that appears to be a mistake. He didn’t have the production, he had in 2017. The tools are there for Allen to be a premiere player for us. He needs to work on his tackling a bit but should be a huge asset on passing downs early on in his career.

116th overall: CB Iman Marshall, USC 

Marshall is not an interception machine but he has a good feel for the ball and can keep it out of opposing offenses. He might even end up at safety later on but for now, I see him as a boundary corner. Cordrea Tankersley has been a bust so far. We need another boundary corner to pair with Xavien Howard. Could Marshall be it?

123 overall (acquired by the Ravens): S Mike Edwards, Kentucky

The Dolphins use their newly acquired pick to get a safety to replace Reshad Jones. Edwards plays very similiar like Jones. A in-the-box safety who is very good in tackling. Seems like we should get someone similiar to Jones since we are losing him.

151st overall : T Mitch Hyatt, Clemson

I’m not sure that Hyatt is a correct scheme fit but the Dolphins desperately need to find someone to replace Ja’Waun James. I thought about getting another interior offensive lineman but the tackle class is strong this year so didn’t want to miss out.

220th overall (acquired from the Texans) RB Nick Broussette, LSU

I would imagine that the Flores regime would want to handle the running backs similiar to what Gase did which is by committee and Broussette is a team-first guy so he should fit right in with what is going on in Miami now.

233 overall: QB Jake Browning, Washington

The Dolphins need to rebuild the QB position. Browning is not a sexy pick by any stretch of the imagination but perhaps he can still have a long career in the NFL….as a backup. He’s got a big arm. Tons of experience but not very consistent. Dolphins won’t get their franchise quarterback this year but hopefully, Browning could turn out to be a solid backup.

234 overall: WR Terry McLaurin, Ohio State

With their final pick, the Dolphins select their third Buckeye and their fifth in three years. McLaurin is the kind of guy that will do all the grunt work for you and that’s what the Dolphins need right now due to the fact that they won’t be taking a QB high this year.

Would have liked to have doubled up at linebacker and maybe even get some more offensive-linemen. Big question that seems to be on every Dolphin fans mind is “Will they find their franchise QB this year?” And this, of course is despite the fact of numerous reports out there that the Dolphins are going to wait till’ 2020. You guys can tell me how well I did. Did I get any egg on my face? As always, Fins up!