Friday marked a new day in my Dolphins Fandom history. In my 35 years on this planet as a Dolphins fan, “The Process” is, or would have been one of the most difficult things to witness. We have had many bad years in the last two decades; But nothing stings like knowing you’re going to suck on purpose. And while General Manager Chris Grier and Owner Stephen Ross made it abundantly clear that that’s the rout we were going, trading the 62nd pick for Josh Rosen changed that vision.

The backstory to this all I this; I wanted Dwayne Haskins…badly. I never wanted to wait until 2020 to pick a quarterback because that meant that going through a longer process of rebuilding and knowing the team and the roster would be in flux and in rebuild mode. I wanted a quarterback in place, give him two or three years, and in the meantime mixing and matching the pieces around him that fits him. Trading for Rosen gives us that option and so many other benefits on the back end. This draft outcome was better than I could have imagined.

We drafted Christian Wilkins in the first round to add an anchor swing piece on the defensive line and addressed the linebacker core and offensive line accordingly with the next few selections. Most importantly we have a quarterback in place where we can play him and use the plethora of 2020 picks to build around him. In two years if it doesn’t work out, there may or may not be a decent quarterback, that plays for Clemson, that may be available, who knows. Most importantly we gave this kid a shot and did all we could to help him succeed. So, while this isn’t the tank for Tua brigade that most Dolphins wanted, it’s still a pretty smart variation of the process where the star of the show is already in place and we get to see him become, or not, an upper echelon QB in this league. We are giving him the true shot that Arizona never really wanted to give him. There is nothing wrong with deferring the dream, we’ve been doing that for decades anyway.