The NFL Draft has come and gone and for the first time in awhile since becoming a fan of this team, this was one of the most successful drafts the Dolphins had in awhile. Where the front office did their homework and figured which prospects will make a good fit for the team. In the past, the Dolphins front office sometimes didn’t do their homework it appeared and when the draft came the general manager didn’t address their biggest needs,  secure a stable nucleus for their quarterback, or build the team through the draft the right way. But this year wasn’t the case. In addition to having a successful draft, the managed to get Josh Rosen through a trade with the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for their second round pick (which the Cardinals used to get WR Andy Isabella). I had the chance to look at some articles from both the local and national media but here is the one thing I want to say to everyone who wants to criticize him or saying he’s unteachable: GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE! He played one season with the Arizona Cardinals where sometimes the rookie season is never that great (Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Troy Aikman and many others had terrible rookie seasons but went on to be successful in their respective careers).

Josh Rosen’s Rookie States (Photo Courtesy of NFL.Com)

 Another note I want to add is I’m starting to hear from fans trying to compare him with Ryan Tannehill (even though Ryan is not with the team anymore) which is absurd considering Rosen has been in the league for one season where Ryan is about to enter his 8th season in the NFL. It doesn’t make any sense and I really don’t like Ryan being thrown under the bus since he left the team. Don’t get me wrong, I will support Rosen during his tenure here but don’t compare him with not just Ryan but any other quarterback in the NFL. Recapping the entire situation is hindsight where around this time last year in the draft, there have been reports that we were supposed to get Rosen but the Cardinals drafted him whereas the Dolphins got Minkah Fitzpatrick. Joe Schad, writer for the Palm Beach Post, put up an informative article from last year’s draft for the Dolphins on getting an insurance quarterback for then QB Ryan Tannehill but that wasn’t the case but here we are where the Dolphins have both Minkah and Rosen on the same team. I am excited to have Josh Rosen join the team which will be a fresh start for him. Like the old saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!