Josh Rosen’s introductory press conference became must see TV for the 12 minutes it ran, and not because of the trade. Yes, that’s the reason the event took place. However, what the kid said is what will make the average fan, or the fan that wasn’t on board with the trade before, want to see him to succeed as much or even more than we wanted Ryan Tannehill to be great.

Listen, the talent is there. We have seen though, what seemed like boneheaded and sometimes desperate throws that made little sense. The on-field product could always be explained by the lack of support around Rosen. The issue has always been what goes on in his head; and subsequently what comes out of his mouth. The press conference, however, went a long way in quelling those fears and doubts.

Rosen’s sent a video the day before from his social media accounts thanking the “Red Sea,” and the Cardinals organization as well as congratulating Kyler Murray on becoming the first overall pick in the 2019 draft. The video is the catalyst to changing the overall notion that he has personality issues and concerns.

He approached the press conference with what seemed like the poise of a man that just wanted to get to work. He wasn’t wordy, there were few one liners and laughs. Rosen instead stepped to the podium, acknowledged that there is adversity for probably the first time in his adult life and that he was there to work. He wasn’t the “chosen one,” and that he would simply relish the opportunity to earn it. Most importantly though, is he just seems to “get it.” He wouldn’t be given the keys to the kingdom, he wouldn’t be hailed as the savior, he is just a person in a position to work hard and make a difference on the field. He realized where he went wrong and shows he is correcting it.

He recently tweeted out “speak softly and carry a big Stick.” He gets “IT,” and I can’t wait to see how it translates onto the field.