With Rookie camp out of the way and Offseason activities upon us, we are seeing the roster take shape. Fans are penciling Josh Rosen as the Quarterback of the future as it looks like he will get  a fair chance to start in 2019, and one of his weapons could be Undrafted Free Agent Preston Williams who will get every shot at making the team and growing into being a major contributor for the Miami Dolphins.

Let us get all of bad stuff out of the way. Yes, he is an undrafted rookie. Yes, he had off-field issues that prevented him from going to the combine and eventually not being selected in the draft. I fully respect all 32 teams looking the other way and not calling his name. He made questionable decisions, and it cost him dearly.

With that out of the way can we get excited and say that at best he becomes what DeVante Parker was brought in to be; a big body with long arms and speed to be a consistent red-zone threat and seem threat In the middle of the field that Linebackers and Safeties would have problems covering. At best, he a blessing to the Dolphins circa 2016 when Laremy Tunsil fell to the team at the 13th overall pick. At worst? No need to think about that.

This team is in need of just that type of player. With the speed demons the team has flying around in the form of Albert Wilson, Kenny Stills, and Jakeem Grant, it would be the perfect fit to see Williams develop into a jump ball specialist, who has sure hands and enough speed to catch smaller defenders at bay. Along with second year Tight End Mike Gesicki, I see a ton of potential two and three receiver formations where the Tight End splits wide, and that just gets my mind going to how many ways we can give this kid a chance to shine. If we give him a shot and it seems like we will, he very well could be the answer to a question we’ve tried to throw players like Parker at.