After having a few days to ponder on the Josh Rosen trade, I feel a much better than I did when I first heard the news. Initially I thought that the Dolphins could have gotten Rosen for even less than what they paid, but the more I thought about the fact that the team got an extra 2nd round pick for next year by trading back with the Saints in this year’s draft, I began to realize that this was a very low risk move across the board.

Now that most of the smoke has cleared, there is still the question regarding what the team will do about the quarterback position. With Ryan Fitzpatrick signing about a month and a half ago thinking the starting job would be his without question, things are obviously much more interesting now.

My best guess as to who will start this season is as good as anyone else’s, but I believe Fitzpatrick will still start the season and will remain the starter until he plays poorly. However, I think Rosen will absolutely get an opportunity to start this season even if Fitzpatrick never ends up having a 5-interception game. After all, the entire organization and even Fitzpatrick himself are aware that he is not the long-term solution to the Dolphins’ quarterback situation, and it would probably be more beneficial for the team to go ahead and see what they have in Rosen sooner rather than later.

I think the sooner we figure out whether or not Rosen can be a franchise quarterback, the better. He will probably get more than just a one-season tryout, but if there is one thing that I hope this organization has learned over the past decade, it is that rolling with a mediocre quarterback for too long is one of the worst things that a team can do.

For this reason alone, I also do not think the Dolphins are suddenly out of contention for drafting a quarterback in the first-round next season. Sure, it is less likely now, but if Rosen gives the Dolphins the same level of production as he did last season, I would not rule out the team taking a quarterback next draft. The idea of tanking for Tua has always been a little ridiculous to me, but that does not mean the team will not fall in love with someone like Justin Herbert, Jake Fromm, or Jordan Love and decide to let one of them compete with Rosen for the job next year.

With all of that being said, I do think Rosen has the physical abilities and quarterback IQ to be a really good quarterback in this league. I understand his offensive line was awful in Arizona, and his line this season does not appear to be much better on paper, but there are some young weapons on the offensive side of this roster that Rosen might be able to shine with. If Rosen picks up the offense quickly and can begin to show that he can be something special, then the Dolphins will not have to worry about who is coming out of next year’s draft.