There was a guy a few weeks ago that wrote about Preston Williams having a shot at replacing  DeVante Parker; OK that guy was me and the piece got a lot of love. However, I want to be fair to Parker and make a case for him to make his leap to Number One receiver. I am not kidding.

Before you ask the question, “is this point of view based on the recent clips and soundbites from OTA’s?” Maybe, but we have been here before as one of my colleagues at mentioned he has had great practices before. However, let us look at a few points to make his case.

Parker is in a contract year. There is no bigger motivation than money, the next contract and playing for your career can take him to the next level. This is the simplest point to make. He is literally playing for his career.

This new coaching staff on the Offensive side of the ball, including minds like Chad O’Shea the former Patriot WR coach, and Former head coach Jim Caldwell, can be creative enough to put Parker in the right position to succeed. A part of what makes the Parker issue so fascinating is he has shown how much the mental aspect of the game affects his struggles. There is evidence of this by the new coaching staff going out of their way to praise his play in OTA’s. From teammates getting on him about maturing and getting a better off-season diet program, to Adam Gase sitting him for stretches of games because the trust was not there between receiver and Coach.

Finally, it can be difficult to be a receiver when you have a timid Ryan Tannehill, an old Jay Cutler and a terrible Brock Osweiller throwing the ball to you. This is in no way an excuse. However, along with new minds calling plays, we now have new arms throwing the ball to him. No matter where you are on the Ryan Fitzpatrick v Josh Rosen debate, having two accurate quarterbacks can spell the relief for Parker that he needed to allow there to be symmetry in his game.

This is most certainly a make or break season for Parker and we have been saying this year after year.