In my first ever piece for, I raved about how excited I was for the franchise. The team landed QB Josh Rosen, a player with a first-round grade for a late second. Not only that, the Front office seemed all offseason to have a plan. We can Fast-forward a month and we have our first looks at the QB competition that everyone waited for, the veteran versus who was once labeled a young stud.

Once we recognize that it’s just Mini camp, and the real battle will be had in August, Ryan Fitzpatrick jumped out as the leader in the clubhouse, and this can be explained by one point.

The most dangerous type of man is the man with nothing to lose. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the epitome of the word “journeyman.” He knows he was brought in to be the “bridge,” as he has been that type of player for years. No one expects Ryan to take any team in his later years to the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl, so he is either the backup, or the QB that mentors the young stud that a team has brought on. While I make that sound like a bad thing, it appears that he’s ok with it, and he’s having fun. There is very little pressure for him to preform, and its showing early in camp. With that chip not on his back, he can play loose and rip the ball to his receivers, with no look passes to Parker and cake comments to wrap the media around his finger. He is having fun, that’s the difference.

Now do I think that Rosen isn’t having fun in South Beach with his new teammates. That is not the case as I am sure he is. However, what is on his plate is simply different than his competition. He has the pressure to perform. We know his story from Arizona to Miami, and we don’t have to delve into again. What is worth mentioning however is that he is staring down the barrel of that very same gun. If he does not start a significant amount of games in the 2019 season and show the team a significant amount of progress, progress worthy enough to ignore the top of the 2020 QB class, it will be the same ending to a different movie. He has a lot to play for and any fan or media pundit will be able to agree.

The argument, for both sides of this war is that it’s early, and the End-Game (am I allowed to say that?) is coming.