I’ll admit I didn’t even know who Chandler Cox was until the Dolphins drafted him. The fullback position just isn’t as incorporated into the games as much as it used to be. If they are used, they’re mostly used as an extra blocker or in-line TE.

Coming out of high school, all recruiters could talk about was his blocking. After watching film on him, that barely describes him. He’s more like a lion fighting for his scrap of meat in the pack. Whether his teammate were being tackled or there was a fumble; didn’t matter how far away he was, he was getting in on the action. He has given 100% effort every time he steps out on that football field. Dolphins haven’t had that typical blue-collar grunt type of playmaker in a long time. I dare any opposing NFL player or media outlet to call the Dolphins soft now.

He’s not afraid to fight for that first down either when he had his opportunities. Don’t get me wrong. I like his blocking too. The way he squares up his whole body to make blocks. That’s textbook. He’s feisty when he uses his whole body even if it’s just his helmet to trip up defenders.

The Dolphins haven’t drafted a fullback in twelve years and I know from some fans’ perspective it may seem like a wasted pick because the NFL’s such a pass-happy league with fewer runners to make plays and with most teams not even carrying a fullback, it makes it tough to justify. But, trust me, when the season rolls around, you will fall in love with Chandler Cox.

In fact, he could very well be the Dolphins secret weapon in 2019. Who says, we are tanking?! But, in all honesty, I’m still trying to figure out this new regime, but the Dolphins appear to be going old-school, baby, and I love it! #BringBacktheFullback