I woke up to a tweet from one of the beat writers about Raekwon McMillan. The tweet is leading the masses to believe that Sam Eguavoen is holding on to the middle linebacker spot. If you’re thinking you had this one pegged…your lying. Let’s dive a bit into the player.

The Miami Dolphins and their fans love a juicy CFL to Miami story. We will miss our beloved Cam Wake dearly, and I’m not saying the new guy will win our hearts in the same way, however, let’s get marginally excited for Sam’s fresh start in Miami.

What do we know about the latest training camp darling? We know he played for Texas Tech from 2011-2014 and went undrafted in 2015. He moved to Canada to play for the CFL with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In January he signed with the Dolphins and it looks like he intends on making the best of the opportunity.

It’s day 3 of camp, and McMillian has a chance to improve. If we are having this very conversation in 3 weeks, then Raekwon is in trouble. However, what Sam is doing is impressive on a few levels. First, Coach Flores and staff preached since the first presser that the best players who fit the work ethic, and scheme will play. We can look up and down the roster and realize that no one is getting the starting jobs handed to them. Second, this kid is just flat out hungry, and whether or not it earns him a roster spot, much less the starting gig, has not only put McMillan on notice, but the entire defense.

It’s early and he is not only running with the starters, it seems he is making an impact at the middle linebacker position as well. Whether or not he starts this season or makes the team, I think the bigger win is seeing Coach Flores and staff getting players that embody their vision of the Miami Dolphins. For better or worse, that’s got to get fans excited.