This past Thursday the Miami Dolphins and Head Coach Brian Flores picked up their first win of the year. Yes, it was preseason, however it was packed with little nuggets, that made the first preseason game worth watching. Josh Rosen and Preston Williams, continued to turn heads, and the offensive line had a putrid day. This next nugget has been simmering for a while, and I think it’s now worth mentioning.

We thought that Frank Gore’s reemergence last season was due largely to an issue between Kenyan Drake and then coach Adam Gase. It was discovered around the time that Gase was shown the door, that Drake really didn’t care too much for him. So, as a fantasy player and a Dolphins fan, I felt that he would be able to shine with a new Head Coach, and so far in preseason it’s been the exact opposite.

What’s going on with the backfield can be explained only so much with a comparison to how New England uses its backs, where they go with the hot hand. The Patriots organization also have different backs that do different things. So, the timeshare that we are seeing is simply indicative of the offense that we witnessed have so much success right?

Wrong- Something is Wrong

I don’t believe any of the Patriots backs since Corey Dillon was or is as talented as Drake. They have always devalued the position, and I would hope that the coaching staff would find ways to get the ball to Drake, who is one of the, if not the most talented offensive players.

The question is not so much if second year player Kalen Ballage is the better back, but what is actually going on with Kenyan Drake? There is no question who is the most physically gifted of the two. Drake is faster, blocks better, and is more of a home run hitter than Ballage. Admittedly Gore and Ballage both are more consistent downhill types of runners and for coaches, most would rather the” four yards” base hit to use a Gase axiom, than a player that constantly swings for the fences and misses.

Whatever it is that’s allowing Ballage to eat into Drake’s touches, It needs to be addressed. Whether he’s holding himself back, or the coaches not valuing his output. I think the team, and my fantasy lineup deserve to see what’s going on with Kenyan Drake.