The Preseason is over. The Dolphins were impressive at times on the field, and at other times seemed inept with a ton of room for growth. If we are just judging the team by the product on the field. I would agree with any fan that there is hope for the future. However, the team ends the pre-season mired in issues that will affect what happens on the field that has Dolphin fans thinking that nothing has really changed.

In the past week the stories surfaced that Jadeveon Clowney was made available, by the Texans and the Dolphins surfaced as one of the teams in play for Clowney’s services. The team even went as far as to meet with him so he can get a better understanding of what the team has in store for the future. This news alone got our collective mouths watering, with anticipation to solidify our defensive line for this season and a chance at securing his services long term. Then Came the drama from two fronts. First, it was reported that Clowney took a pass at the opportunity to play in South Beach for a more playoff ready team. That in itself is understandable and ok with the team who will look to recoup a compensatory pick should he leave next offseason.

The bigger issue is that the Texans have reportedly asked for offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil and the Dolphins head office is considering it. We can talk about compensation for Tunsil should it blow the front office away at a later time. No matter what the compensation is, the fact is this. If we give Tunsil who would be able to sign for an asinine amount of money here, up for let’s say another tackle and a high draft pick, we are still taking an unknown resource for a proven player, who we can sign long term. If Clowney walks, it would have been a waste. A franchise Left Tackle is on the team we won’t be able to replace him quickly with two or three high end draft picks. It just doesn’t make sense to go that route when we have other assets that they need.

Now let’s talk about the quarterback position. The team announced they were going with journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to start week one. He finally put down the cake and caught enough of the Coaching Staff’s confidence to gain the starting nod. This is troubling because of the asset used to acquire Josh Rosen. It becomes a snowball effect because it shows that the team isn’t confident in Rosen and are probably looking toward 2020 in the draft for a rookie QB. I have previously championed for Rosen, who by the way, looked better than Fitzpatrick, to take the starting job and playout the season in an effort to gain the trust of the staff; and while this may still happen, it looks like the team is showing their hand. Which leads me back to my central point, and that is, why waste the time to bring him in the first place?