The “Dress Rehearsal” week 3 game brought more insight into who our key playmakers will be and who might not make it out of camp. Days after the game concludes however, it seems that the Hot Take machine and the rumor mills have roared to life as the Dolphins are rumored to be making the majority of the roster available. The end game is to either get more riches in the massive war chest of draft picks in 2020 or to bring in one of the disgruntled stars that want out of their current teams like defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Let’s talk about who may be gone.


Kenny Stills

The drama surrounding Stills has been an issue. Not only for him, but for Coach Flores, and of course owner Steven Ross. Let’s look at the player in a vacuum, however. The wide receiver is probably the more talented areas on the team. With Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant on longer term deals that are less than 10 million, and Preston Williams showing progress, it just may be time to dangle Stills to a wide receiver needy team that could use that type of leader. I think the Dolphins brass should trade DeVante Parker instead. A Stills trade however, gives more cap room next year, because this is Parker’s last year on his deal. It also will fetch a higher compensation than Parker.


Kiko Alonso

Some Dolphins Media are vocal about the awful deal Alonso received a few years back and have been wanting to see his exit since. Last season he played a lot better than previous seasons, and I’m not opposed to seeing him stay, in the right role. He isn’t very good at coverage which goes without saying. What he does is “see ball carrier, hit ball carrier.” his read and react skills to see what’s in front of him is undeniably good. What’s not so awesome, is telling him to think about covering zones, and skill players. Enter budding star Jerome Baker and CFL-turned camp stand out Sam Eguavoen, and Kiko may not have a roster spot to hold on to when the cuts come in. He may be gone before long.


Reshad Jones

Whether sophomore Minkah Fitzpatrick is a safety or a nickel corner, he will continue to work hard and blossom to be the swiss army knife of the defense. TJ McDonald is still on the team and is pretty good in run support. Wild Card Bobby McCain, who stood out as a great nickel corner, was moved to safety in the off season and has been penciled in as the starter. So, Jones, who was rumored to be close to gone before the draft is back on the block, for his enormous contract, is back on the rumor mill.


These players have been staples for years and worked hard game in and game out. Losing any of these players would hurt being a fan. However, they would make the most sense to move, just in case there is player that we might be looking at bringing in, or if we are still loading up on draft picks.