Can coach Flores stop doing my boy like this please? Minkah is not, and I repeat, NOT an in the box safety. That is not his MO and the best way to use him. Yes, we won a preseason game, but quite frankly, it was awful, it was embarrassing, and it was just downright unfair to Minkah. I get it, there are several injuries to the safety position at this time, with Reshad Jones and McDonald currently out, but Minkah shouldn’t be used as an in the box safety.

Minkah has been saying the right things and not giving any excuses, being up to the challenge, doing whatever Coach Flores tells him to do. But he’s supposed to say stuff like that. Nobody’s going to defend him so I will.

Minkah’s skill set and physique does not cater to him being a in the box safety. I am not an all 22 guy and I can even see that. I dammed near cringed every time I seen Minkah getting swallowed up by the Jaguars offensive line.  The kid weighs only 207 pounds for crying out loud. He is not big enough nor strong enough to play in the box. That’s not to knock on him in any way. He is fast, agile, speedy, quick, and has great anticipation. As evident by his pick six against the Vikings during his rookie season.

Play him at slot corner and I’ll be happy. Minkah excels as a free ranging center field safety. That’s where he needs to be played at. What we need to do is trade McDonald for a late to mid-round pick and play Fitzpatrick and Jones as the starting safeties. With Howard and McCain playing the outside, there is no reason why this unit cannot be a top five secondary in the NFL. I’m talking about #MIAPD people, the Miami Pass Defense. Fitzpatrick is the key. With him roaming the center field, quarterbacks will think twice about throwing the ball downfield.

Yes, he brought the wood on Dede Westbrook that brought tears to my eyes. But can we expect that weekly from him? The short answer is no. But that’s ok. Because that is not where he excels at. Hopefully coach Flores sees the light and makes Fitzpatrick the starting free safety once Jones and McDonald are healthy again.

Momma Fitzpatrick said it best…