One thing can be said about the Dolphins Front Office, is they aren’t content with the roster they have. They added Allen Hurns to an already seemingly stacked Wide Receiver room, and now they are adding former Arizona Cardinals Defensive Lineman Robert Nkemdiche.

Let’s get the Marijuana and falling out of a window jokes out of the way.  You can even slide one about Laremy Tunsil and their time together at Ole’ Miss in there for good measure. However, let’s talk about the fit. He can play at DT, where it seems is his more natural fit, and he can line up at DE. For all the Football geeks out there, he can play the 3 and the 5 technique, which means he can play in a 4-3 scheme and a 3-4 scheme. The media members closest to the team will tell you that they team won’t run a standard set of either. Having another versatile player on the line, along with rookie Christian Wilkins, Devon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor giving multiple looks will only help to confuse Defenses. I enjoyed how the team used William Hayes, and while it was under a different coaching staff, look for more of the same from all these players. We desperately need pass rush help and the more we can push this young front to produce the better.

Now the real question admittedly, is how will Nkemdiche fit in South Florida and on Coach Flores’ team. We know South Beach robbed a few players of a good career due to poor decision making. This kid started his NFL career taking a slide in the draft because of off-field issues. We will have to trust the coaching staff who already look to have a no-nonsense approach to try to reel this kid in. The reports say that he showed up for camp out of shape. His rookie season was a bust and his second year was much better. Hopefully he can take advantage of a second chance given to him by the Dolphins and make the most of it, simply because we need him as much as needs the team.