Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has been asked a lot about his quarterback competition between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen since training camp started. A couple weeks ago, he told everyone right now Fritzpatrick has been the leader in the competition. Since Rosen has played better and is starting to close the gap, but one thing Flores has said Rosen has to work on is his body language. Not reading defenses, decision making, or picking up the offense. His body language really? I get Flores is trying to motivate him and push the right button for him to reach his full potential, but his body language is one of the last things I would look at.

I get it Rosen coming out in the 2018 NFL draft was perceived as an arrogant and entitled player. He even suggested that the players teams that passed on him made a mistake. Rosen was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and they were awfully bad last year and had the worst record in the league. Rosen’s play made people question him and the Cardinals fired their head coach and with the number 1 pick took another quarterback and Rosen got traded. I didn’t watch or see a lot of Cardinal games living in Syracuse, but Rosen struggled like a lot of rookie quarterbacks and was on a bad football it shouldn’t all fall on the rookie quarterback.


Look like I said I read a lot about Rosen before the 2018 draft, but I want to see for myself. What I’ve been seeing from Rosen is a quarterback who is humbled by his rookie experience and seems ready for a fresh start. Yes, he did struggle during OTAs and the start of training camp, but he has played much better of late. The first preseason game I saw some good throws and some questionable decisions. He has good mobility getting away from the rush, but he has to know when to take a sack or throw the ball away instead of trying to make something out of nothing. He also has to improve on reading the defense and going through his progressions because that’s what led to his interception. These are things you go through with experience. He also made good throws to Preston Williams and I loved the rifle he threw to the tight end on his last throw.

Rosen is also taking a lot of what Fitzpatrick is showing him and he seems more than receptive to his guidance rather than just brushing him aside. When Dan Marino came to the Dolphins, he had a veteran in Don Strock to help him out with his game when needed. Rosen might not be a true leader because it might not be in his personality or maybe he will become one once he gets more comfortable. I’m not going to judge him based on his body language. I’m going to judge him for his performance on the field. Having said that I don’t want to see him like Jeff George or Ryan Leaf, who were high picks with hot tempers and got into with teammates and coaches. That’s not Rosen. He seems like a quarterback trying to regain his confidence and with his struggles he might be pressing a bit. I look forward to watching Rosen this summer and into the season to see how he progresses on the field. I’m not going to judge him on his body language just how he plays on the field because that’s how he should be judged.