Tom Brady is not walking in the door for the Miami Dolphins. Neither is Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Pat Mahomes, or Phillip Rivers.

If the Dolphins had a guy like that this year, maybe we could talk playoffs or being competitive. A great Quarterback can hide a team’s weaknesses. We have watched Andrew Luck since 2012 bring his Colts team to the playoffs every year. That was with a terrible Defense and a Dolphins type Offensive line. As long as he has the ball in his hands, they always have a chance. In today’s NFL, you have to average 27-30 points a game. All of these high-powered Offenses that have transformed the game, while Miami has been stuck in neutral since 1999.

Whether Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick is under center this year, Miami has a ceiling of what? 5 wins? 6 wins at most?  We all know what Ryan Fitzpatrick is and what he brings to the table. He is a leader; he is a tough gun slinger. He is well respected in all locker rooms. Fitzpatrick is also a total journeyman who has played for 8 teams. What worries me the most, is that I am hearing that he will be the starter entering the 2019 season. Coach Flores said Fitzpatrick right now is the clear-cut favorite thus far.

Why that can backfire……

What if the Miami Dolphins, with Fitzmagic early in the season, win a few games? What if after September’s games somehow, they have a record of 2 wins and 2 losses? What if Magic sprinkles some dust on the team and he has thrown 10 touchdowns after 4 games? Then what? We start him in the next few games until he falters (which he will). If he plays well, he can play them out of next year’s draft. We all know this isn’t the year for the Dolphins to win games. This is a team evaluation year. Let’s start evaluating Josh Rosen, we have 15 years of tape on Fitzpatrick. Do we really need to see him play at all this year?

Then the Dolphins will have what 8, 10 games to evaluate Rosen? That isn’t a fair evaluation.  We all know the O-line is going to be bad. Whoever is back there under center will be taking a beating. Not just a physical beating, but a mental beating. If Josh Rosen plays all 16 games and plays well enough to keep this team competitive, that can change the upcoming drafts. Instead of grabbing a Quarterback next year, we can draft other needs. Which in case you didn’t know they have many gaping holes and questions.

A good year for Rosen would be completing 62-64 percent of his passes. Ideally, having a touchdown to interception ratio of 2 to 1, 20 touchdowns to 10 interceptions and 3,200-3500 yards. If he doesn’t play that well, then at least we have an answer and need to find the guy to replace him.

Fitzpatrick is a great mentor for a young Quarterback, like Josh McCown was for Sam Darnold last year. Even the Jets started Darnold when McCown was the better option. The Jets were setting the building blocks. Imagine if they sat Darnold last year and this was his first year starting?

Miami needs an answer at the most important position in sports:  Who will be playing Quarterback week 1 for the Dolphins? If this team has any direction, then they should name Josh Rosen the guy to start the season. Let him play all the games and let it ride. After 20 years of mediocre quarterbacks since Marino, I say, give Rosen a fair chance to ride the 2019 season out. (As ugly as it will be)