We all know by now that the Dolphins season is going to be ugly.  I guess I get the grand scheme of things. Trade off all the assets and get multiple picks in the upcoming drafts and build a foundation for the future. However, there have been a few mixed signals along the way. Here’s my take:

Why did the Dolphins sign Xavien Howard to a huge contract? But then trade Laremy Tunsil? If they were going to trade Tunsil, then they should have traded Howard before they gave him a contract extension. He’s a great player, love the move. But if you traded him for a premium pick, I would understand. Corner back and Offensive tackle are premium positions in the NFL. The Dolphins had elite talent at those positions. Then they go and trade just one of them.

The Franchise has been doing well at evaluating 1st round talent the last 10 years. For example, Devante Parker, Charles Harris, Ja’Wuan James, Ryan Tannehill, and Dion Jordan to name a few (I’m being sarcastic). You can have all the draft capital you want, but if Miami picks players that are not homerun picks, then what’s going to change? Nothing.

I completely agree with the strategy of “be terrible and get the players you want in the upcoming draft “. (Tank for Tua) Then why did the Miami Dolphins give up a 2nd round pick for Josh Rosen? But when he outperforms his competition in pre-season, he is the backup Quarterback. If the Dolphins were in total rebuild mode (which they are), why give up a premium pick to get Rosen? It can be week 1 or week 6, either way he will fail miserably.  I don’t care if that guy in New England was under center in Miami, this team cannot win more than 4 games with its current roster. If this was the plan all along, then they should have never traded for Rosen. Especially if they planned to sit him on the bench.

I understand that every week when I tune in and watch them play, it’s going to be a struggle. Some weeks they will get blown out, embarrassed even. I’m ok with it because the future will be bright with the proper coaching, draft picks, and cap space. Miami will have more than $130 million cap space next off-season. I just worry about the people making the decisions, evaluating the Quarterback position.  Until that position is filled with a true franchise player (Mahomes, Watson, Mayfield) the Dolphins will struggle.

I was thinking a few days ago of Jarvis Landry, Cam Wake, Tunsil, Ajayi, Stills, Quinn, Tannehill, James, Pouncey, McDonald, Kiko, Brandon Marshall, Suh, Chris Chambers, Mike Wallace, so much talent over the years. The funny thing is, 0 playoff wins, not 1!

I haven’t seen them win since Lamar Smith and Jay Fiedler when I was a boy growing up. So, I get it, instead of fixing problems with some patch work, tear down the house and rebuild from the ground up.

Without a doubt, I will be watching every game this season and give my opinion on the blog. However, I’m only going to look at the positives because the negatives will take too long to talk about. We all know the O-line will struggle with and without Tunsil. They will not score many points because Fitzmagic and Rosen will be on the ground most of the game. Most players contributing on the Dolphins will be a young, motivated players, just with less talent then the opposing team.

You must envision the future of this once proud Franchise and we’re all hoping for the best.

As always,

Phins up