Mike Oliva

The Ravens defense will feast on the Dolphins offensive line, I don’t think Miami will have more than 5 first downs in the first half. On the other side of the ball Lamar Jackson will make enough plays with his legs to keep the Dolphins defense off balance. Look for a big day from Ravens tight end Mark Andrews as well. A ho-hum Ravens victory.  Baltimore 27, Miami 9


Tom Ernisse

Home opener for the Dolphins and 3 out of the first 4 at home.  The Ravens have dominated the Dolphins for the past decade and this game should be no different.  I do believe we see the defense making progress and keeping this close.  No OL vs Baltimore is the reason this game goes as a loss.  Baltimore 20, Miami 13


Jeff Neubarth

This won’t be pretty folks.  Miami and the worst offensive line in the NFL will be exposed right off the bat.  The Ravens will dominate both lines and Lamar Jackson will run all over a weak dolphins d line and put up a lot of points.  The Ravens will be up early and coast to an easy win.  The only drama in my mind is when the fans start chanting “We Want Rosen.”  My money is before halftime.  Baltimore 35, Miami 17


Landon Neubarth

There are games where I typically think the home team will win, regardless of the opponent. Last year if you paid any attention to our Podcast pick’ems, we made the mistake of picking the away team on Thursday night. There is a chance this game could have the loudest crowd of Dolphin’s fans, and all that hype will only help. This is one of the few games I think we can win. Plus, teams don’t know that they can rush one guy and get a sack. Let’s go Miami!  Miami 21, Baltimore 16


Josh Katzker

It’s an odd feeling, going into the opening day of the 2019 season and knowing that the Dolphins are likely going to lose a lot of football games. And yet, as the Dolphins prepare to host the Ravens—a team they have typically struggled against—in the first official game of the Grier/Flores era, I find myself as giddy as ever. Because we’re doing it right for once. We’re not desperately grasping for pieces. We’re stripping the machine down to its bare bones with the idea of remaking it in the image of a Super Bowl-worthy franchise. And so, the Baltimore Ravens will come to Hard Rock Stadium. And they will likely be more physical than we are. And they will almost certainly score more points than we will. And we will spend large portions of the afternoon lamenting some poor performances by the men in white, aqua, and orange. But we will find hope: Hope in the performances of our new young heroes. Hope in surprisingly good performances from unexpected players. And hope in the leadership of a coach who has known success almost exclusively in his professional career. While the top-line story on Sunday will likely be the Dolphins losing their season opener, a closer look will reveal the first sprouts poking out of the fertile ground that Chris Grier and Brian Flores sown for us.  Baltimore 26, Miami 9

Aaron Katzker

It’s going to be a struggle for the Dolphins’ offense in this one, but they could have some success if they can keep Baltimore’s aggressive defense off balance with a combination of misdirection, screens, draws, and reverses. Then maybe, if they can stretch Baltimore out horizontally, they can attack up the middle with Drake and Ballage. On the other side of the ball, I expect Miami to try to clog the middle, stack the box, and try to force contain on Lamar Jackson and try to make him beat us with his arm. I believe Miami will stay close for a half, but as the game wears on, Baltimore will lean on Miami’s thin defensive line, and start to wear down a defense that will likely spend a lot of time on the field. As the lead grows, Miami’s tackles, and thus Ryan Fitzpatrick will be increasingly in trouble. Making matters worse, Fitzpatrick will have to throw into one of the best secondaries in the league, which is a recipe for turnovers. By the end of it, Baltimore will have a dominant victory.  Baltimore 30, Miami 6

Brent Antonio

While the lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball is undeniable. The Defense, on the first game of the season should impress. With very little tape and a way to game plan against this young defense, I look for some stops early before the damn is broken late in the game. An inept Dolphin offense and a running game led by sophomore Lamar Jackson should give the Ravens a comfortable first win of 2019.  Baltimore 27, Miami 10