Disappointing, but not surprising news out of Miami Friday morning. Multiple reports are indicating that the Miami Dolphins front office is giving Minkah Fitzpatrick the ability to seek a trade. Just as predictable, Dolphin twitter verse exploded, blaming General Manager Chris Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores for Minkah’s unhappiness.

But are you really surprised?

Within hours after the Fins debacle last week, sports media was claiming that multiple Dolphins veterans were seeking a trade.

Shortly thereafter, Fins players Xavien Howard, Dan Kilgore, Jerome Baker and Bobby McCain (the team leaders), all in their own ways, came out with statements supporting the organization. A quick glance would indicate there weren’t too many “veterans” on the roster to begin with, and even fewer after you eliminate the players who came out in support of the team. Fitzpatrick was an obvious candidate, and I think it started way before Sunday.

In mid-August, well before the first game was played, Fitzpatrick’s mom complained on social media that her son was being played out of position. Soon after, Minkah agreed with his mother in the media. Well before that even, there was grumbling out of Fitzpatrick’s camp in early spring that Fitzpatrick wanted to know what his position would be, so he could plan accordingly. After his poor performance on Sunday, he was the natural candidate to reinforce the media & Dolphin twitter verse meme that Miami is a grease fire, and everyone wants out. My bet is this request came well before Fitzpatrick’s horrible performance on Sunday. And before we blame Flores or Grier or anyone else, check the timeline.

These seeds, for whatever reason, may have been planted long ago. And while we will hear how coachable Fitzpatrick is, he is still another player in the NFL that was unhappy with how he was being used and both he and his mother fell like they know what’s best.