The Miami Dolphins purge of veteran players continued on Monday morning as they let go their longest tenured player on the team. John Denney, who has been with the Dolphins since 2005 and has played in all 224 games during that time was let go. Miami did release his competition from training camp on Saturday, Wes Farnsworth. No word if Farnsworth will be re-signed or if someone else will be brought in. There is a thought out there that maybe Miami is releasing Denney now and they will pick him back up after the week 1 regular season game. As if you are on the teams roster for Week 1 your contract is fully guaranteed for the entire season. If you are added to the roster after week 1 you can be let go any time during the season and the team is off the hook financially. With a long-snapper who is making pennies over $1 million this season, that would be really pinching pennies, but this is the NFL though.

Denney has been a cult-hero among many Dolphins fans as he has been around seemingly forever and survived every new coaching hire there was over his decade-plus time in Miami. While this release may only be temporary it is also another sign that if you are a veteran player, the Miami Dolphins do not have a spot for you on their roster. The Dolphins youth movement is going to move forward in 2019 and even if Denney is back with the Dolphins come Week 2, this more than likely is his final season with the Miami Dolphins.

I am not sure if Denney at 40 years old would have any value on the open market because of his age and because in the world of long-snappers he is making top end money. Time will tell if we have seen the end of John Denney in Miami though.

UPDATE: John Denney Released a statement through his agent thanking the Miami Dolphins and Dolphins Fans. He will NOT be coming back to the Miami Dolphins and has played his final game for the organization.