First off, I’d like to say I don’t like the Miami Dolphins trading Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins just drafted him last year and he is a player on the rise with his talent, but having said that if he doesn’t want to be here then as a fan, I don’t want him here. I want to see players who want to be here and be a part of the rebuilding process. I get that Fitzpatrick didn’t like being moved around a lot and not being settled at one position, but at the end of the day the same thing happened last year, and he didn’t complain. I don’t know what changed, but for whatever reason he and head coach Brian Flores didn’t see eye to eye. It just didn’t work out and he didn’t want to be part of this massive rebuilding process.

He came from Alabama where all they did was contend for the national championship year after year, but this is the NFL and that doesn’t happen every year for the most part. Teams go through ups and downs so maybe he’s not used to that. I don’t know, but the Dolphins tried to fix the problem and still couldn’t convince him to want to be here, so the team let him, and his agent look around for a trade.


The Dolphins did a great job of sticking to their asking price of a 1st round pick. The teams that were interested in Fitzpatrick were the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Pittsburgh Steelers. However, things changed over the weekend for the Steelers because they lost their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and their team is already 0-2 in a tough division with a tough schedule ahead. The Eagles, Cowboys, and Seahawks are solid teams that should be in the playoffs so if those teams offered a first round pick you are looking at anywhere from pick 20-32. With the Steelers, this season could get away from them in a hurry if things don’t get better or if Mason Rudolph fails as the new quarterback. With that in mind, general manager Chris Grier quickly made the deal with the Steelers knowing this pick could be high.

This was a good calculated deal by Grier. The Dolphins now have 3 first round picks and possibly 2 of them in the top 10 or even better. This trade to me is looking up for the Dolphins despite giving away a talented player. The fact that he didn’t want to be here and you got what you wanted in return, it could turn out to be a win for the team in that not so distant future depending on how Pittsburgh season plays out.