This is going to be a tough season with the whole Tank for Tua thing, but I think we will be fine in the long run. We have Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills, Kiko Alonso, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Xavien Howard. That right there is what I said in the offseason.

I as a Dolphins fan have never been so mad right now. I’m am used to my team being average or even below average. But for the new staff (Grier and Flores) to come in and destroy an organization by dumping future investments?

Originally, I was frustrated but understood the Tunsil trade. I was upset over the Alonso trade; I was disheartened when Drake and Rosen weren’t starting games. Now, now I’m pissed off we don’t have Minkah Fitzpatrick .

This is no longer a rebuild. This right here is the Miami Dolphins staff looking you in the eye and saying, flipping you the bird.

Yes, players get annoyed when you intentionally lose, I understand that, I am very anti tanking in sports.

But that’s when you reassure your player that next season is going to be the best in his career. You don’t play him at every position possible that makes him look like this is his first-time playing football. And for all the people saying that we are getting draft picks. Yeah, that’s great and all but I’d rather a proven player and proven star than just a very good chance at getting one.

People need to realize the NFL draft is a lottery at the end of the day. You aren’t always going to draft Peyton Manning sometimes you will find yourself with a Tim Couch. So, my message would like to be to the fans brighter days are coming but I honestly am unsure. There is still time for the staff to dump more players.

So, to wrap this up because I could go on forever. Hang in there Dolfans we still have a few more weeks before the trade deadline.