Today is Wednesday and I finally got the courage to prepare an article about our Miami Dolphins. Last week, I said that it’s was going to be a long season. After watching the game against Baltimore it’s basically going to be unwatchable every Sunday. That’s alright, they have been mediocre at best for a decade. We all knew that this team wasn’t going to be very good. They’re the total opposite of good. But last week I promised that I wouldn’t write about the negatives all season, I would talk about the positives from every game. So, let me talk about the positives from the 59-10 thrashing from the Ravens, shall we?

Ok. Back to reality. There were zero positives about that game. We all know that the Miami Dolphins are tanking, but please be competitive in some games. The spread this week against New England is 19 points. The Dolphins are +19 at home. I’d like to fire on some games time to time and I haven’t seen a NFL game with a spread like that EVER! Imagine if this game was in New England? Hopefully Tom Brady and the Patriots miss their flight to Miami, because that’s the only way Sunday’s game is going to be competitive.

What scares me the most about this season, is that players are already telling their agents they want out. The Browns were 1-31 and I heard no rumblings about people jumping ship. I already hear that guys want out, after 1 game. That’s disheartening for the mere fact that if (when) Miami gets the 1st pick in next year’s draft, Tua or Herbert may want to stay in college rather than come to Miami. You never know what goes into players’ minds, with family and agents being in the players ears. Look at all the holdouts this summer. Players are more rebellious than ever. Contracts, jewelry on the field, Antonio Brown drama… Think about it, would you want to play for the Miami Dolphins going forward???

This week I am going into this game with an open mind. Last week’s game for me is like it never happened. What can you say about the Miami Dolphins? It’s a rebuild, a tank for Tua year, a long season in the making.

Maybe this week we can take some positives out of the game. If not, maybe you will hear from me next Thursday or Friday. I keep telling myself that football is only a game. Life is great and we should all be more positive. There must be worse things going on in people’s lives than the Dolphins being awful. Isn’t there? We all have to keep that mindset until the 2022 season begins. Until then, let the tank continue……

As Always,
Phins up