Whatever lens you look at the Dolphins roster building through, whether the Front office is yet again clueless; or geniuses by loading up on draft capital. One thing is clear. Most, if not all of Dolphins media and fans are reeling through the damage phase of this rebuild. We…I thought we had cornerstone in Laremy Tunsil, and a part of that massive cap meant that he would get paid. I was wrong, Chris Grier and company showed that everyone has a price. Now let’s fast forward to the 2020 draft and the Quarterback position.

The tank is on, organically or not. The team has a war chest of draft picks and Cap Space to go out and draft and sign whoever the team chooses. If that means drafting Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert or Jake Fromm, the team is poised to pick whatever star signal caller they want. So, here’s what we know.

Tua, and Jake are juniors, and could choose to go back to school circa Justin Herbert. This will undoubtedly push fringe day 2 and day 3 players to the front of the quarterback market and Make the 2021 draft a very impressive draft with Trevor Lawrence penciled in as a top 5 pick. So, where does that leave the Miami Dolphins, who have clearly pushed all chips in the 2020 draft? With an insurance policy in Josh Rosen.

Whether or not you believe that the team wanted to trade Tunsil or not. The addition of a second draft pick in 2021 only means if the gifted kids decide they want to stay, we would have the draft capital in both drafts to make the necessary adjustments in both drafts to get the player they want. Until then? The team is poised to add key players to its roster via the draft next year, while Rosen continues to audition for other teams.

Before you think about how crazy this is, think about the fact that he can still grow into being everything the team wants in its franchise player. Josh might still have a shot, this season if, and only if Tagovailoa goes back to school. I think nothing short of a 8-8, 9-7 season with Rosen at the helm will stop the storm brewing in the 2020 draft. The coaching staff and front office are certainly doing him no favors, getting rid of its star offensive lineman and probably it’s most consistent playmaker on offense. However, simply think about his cap number, think about Fitzpatrick’s age and think about, what if Tua or even Jake screws the NFL and goes back to school. Enter in Josh Rosen, the player who may have the tools to take us to the next level, or who will be used as a bridge to Tua. Either way we have ourselves an ironclad Insurance policy with a solid future.