Mike Oliva (Season Record 1-0)– It may feel like last weeks game didn’t end and this week vs New England is just a continuation of it as this game will be one-sided as well. Call me crazy though but I don’t think it will be as bad as last weeks Ravens game. I mean New England will still win easily but it will be less embarrassing. New England 38  Miami 14

Tom Ernisse (Season Record 1-0) – After an absolute horror show last Sunday, I don’t see this going any different.  The drama with Minkah Fitzpatrick only continues to put a bad light in South Florida.  Patriots won’t let off the gas after the Miami Miracle.  The only real question, does Bill Belichick have a heart and not run it up on his former coach?  The answer is no.  New England 49, Miami 3

Landon Neubarth (Season Record 0-1) – The Miami Dolphins will not be legitimately contesting in many games this season, and especially not against the Patriots. They are a super bowl contender as always and the Miami Dolphins don’t have the players on offense or defense to do anything positive against them. New England 56, Miami 3

Jeff Neubarth (Season Record 1-0)– When your son is right he’s right.  The dolphins will be lucky to escape without giving up 100 points.  New England will be able to run, throw, block and do anything they want to against Miami.  Last week I predicted the “We Want Rosen” chants started before the half and I was correct.  I predict a “tank for tua” chant before the half this week.  New England 56, Miami 3

Brent Antonio (Season Record 1-0)– The travesty last weekend in Miami that included a Raven rookie breaking out,The QB using his arm to torch the Dolphins secondary without using his running prowess sets the stage for this week. The difference? Instead of Lamar Jackson, we face one of the greatest of all times in Tom Brady. Oh by the way? They have Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon. This is going to be bad. New England 38, Miami 6

Aaron “The Brain” Katzker (Season Record 1-0)– This is going to be another long game for the Dolphins. Trying to slow down the GOAT with the arguably the best weapons at his disposal, while we try to piece together the secondary with a combination of players that either don’t want to be here or belong on a practice squad is a good recipe for giving up another 50 burger. On the other side of the ball, things aren’t much better. Our bad OL probably got worse with the injury to Davenport, and this may be the best Pats defense since the early 2000s. Some say this is a trap game for New England, but this is like setting a trap with a wet noodle. New England rolls. Final score: New England 45 Miami 17

Josh Katzker (Season Record 1-0)– The first one wasn’t pretty. I don’t know that it was a totally fair illustration of what this Dolphins team is, but it probably wasn’t too far off. Equally, it’s easy to buy into one dominant home performance by the Patriots on the night they revealed yet another Super Bowl banner and think they are going to be an unbeatable force. Again, it might not be far away from the truth, but the NFL is the king of getting people to overreact to small sample sizes. All that said, I think the Patriots will come into the stadium once called Joe Robbie with revenge on their minds. The Miami Miracle will be fresh in Bill Belichick’s memory and I expect his team to roll off one long, sustained touchdown drive after another while the Dolphins struggle to find their legs. I don’t think the score will be as bad as it was last week, but solely because the Patriots will use so much clock when they have the ball. Start James White, Sony Michel, and Rex Burkhead in fantasy this week because I see them all having big days as the Dolphins fall to 0-2. New England 34, Miami 7.