In the aftermath of the Dolphins being shut out at home, Minkah Fitzpatrick was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chris Grier continues to light up the draft scoreboard while the team on the field does the exact opposite. The question now for fans and the team is what next. Let’s talk about the offense a little bit.

At the end of training camp, I for one talked myself into thinking that the team was good enough to win 7 games. Then the Tunsil trade came, and the losing began. Many fans quickly sobered up to the thought as to what the team was really trying to do. It really wanted to be expansion level bad to gain more draft capital to move up and down the chess board. I still see the team winning 3 games, the Jets, the Giants, and The Colts. The defense is close, even without Fitzpatrick, and that alone gives me a 3-game confidence.

Kenyan Drake is good as gone. Kalen Ballage, even before the bobble for pick 6, wasn’t good. Sure, the offensive line is all time bad. However, so I Ballage, so I expect one of the seconds or 3rds in the offseason finding its way to a running back who can help, whoever the Quarterback is and not hinder him. It seems that when we are running play action, we are most successful at pass protection, so having someone competent and someone to be feared helps.

We still need to address the wide receiver early. If we are using the “scorched earth” approach, there is no reason to keep Parker, on the team. I thought he was a potential trade candidate this offseason and has shown, early, like he has his career, that he isn’t a number 1 type. Neither is Albert Wilson. I’m not sure he even wants to be here at this point. Jakeem Grant is an awesome 4th option. He has tried hard to improve and is now a nice story of an undrafted pick reaching a second contract. He, however, isn’t someone we can depend on. Preston Williams needs more touches and more room to grow. His potential is limitless, being limited on this team, but is far from a finished product.

Bright spot? The second game in limited snaps, Josh Rosen looked good. Like dropping dimes good. Even with a bad offensive line, in junk time, with receivers dropping passes. I believe he will lead us to some pretty close and exciting losses the remainder of the season.

Dolphin fandom is tough right now and will not stop to find new depths of depression this season. The tank is on and the look toward what Tua Tagovailoa will do after he finishes tearing up college football. The next question to be answered is how the team builds around him. All this bloodletting will not be for nothing…will it?